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Shields are recurring items in The Legend of Zelda series.[1][2]

Location and uses[]

Shields are Link's primary protective defense used to deflect projectiles, block attacks, parry attacks. There are a wide variety of Shields, some of which are stronger than others. The Shield is a common and importantly recurring item in every game of The Legend of Zelda series. A Shield completes Link's hero-like appearance, along with any Sword he happens to wield at the time. Shields are the favorite snack of Like Likes, and if a Like Like swallows Link, it steals his Shield before spitting him back out (though a few cases like Ocarina of Time he can regain them after quickly defeating them).

Mainline appearances[]

The Legend of Zelda[]

In The Legend of Zelda, Link begins his adventure already equipped with a shield. The shield can be used to block non-magical projectiles if Link is facing them and not attacking. It can be replaced by the Magical Shield, which can be bought from certain merchants found throughout Hyrule for 90-160 Rupees. If Link loses the Magical Shield to a Like Like, he will again equip his original shield.

Link's Awakening[]

Link's Awakening Manual Description
Link's Awakening logo
You can use this to protect yourself from enemy arrows or stone attacks. If you find a way to make your Shield more powerful, you can protect yourself from attacks that your regular Shield couldn't handle.

The Shield is the first item that Link obtains in Link's Awakening. Link was separated from the Shield when he shipwrecked on Koholint Island, but was found and returned to him by Tarin. Tarin mentions that Link's name is inscribed on the back.[3] In the artwork for the original and DX versions of Link's Awakening, the Shield has the appearance of the Fighter's Shield from A Link to the Past. However, in Link's Awakening for Nintendo Switch, it resembles the Hylian Shield.

If the Shield is eaten by a Like Like, Link can buy an identical one at the Town Tool Shop for 20 Rupees.

Four Swords[]

Four Swords Manual Description
Four Swords logo
Use the shield to deflect enemy attacks. Some enemies can't be defeated without it.

Four Swords Adventures[]

The Shield in the Legend of Zelda: Four Swords adventures is a passive item that functions near identical to that in the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. The shield will only block some projectiles such as octorock rocks. Charging a spin attack will lose the protection of the shield.

Phantom Hourglass[]

Main article: Wooden Shield

In Phantom Hourglass, only the Wooden Shield appears, and it is shaped similarly to the Hylian Shield.

Spirit Tracks[]

In Spirit Tracks, the Shield is the first Shield that Link obtains. It can be purchased from numerous Stores, with the price varying from Store to Store. The Shield is capable of reflecting most projectiles, and small enemies will bump off it should they run into Link. The Shield, however, can be consumed by Like Likes. In the event that Link loses his Shield, he may purchase a new one.

After collecting enough stamps for Niko, link will be given the Shield of Antiquity, which resembles that of the Phantom Hourglass shield design. The shield offers no additional defensive benefits other than the shield never being eaten by a like-like.The Player may switch back to the standard shield any time they like by tapping the shield next to the fire place in Niko's house in Aboda Village.

Skyward Sword[]

Skyward Sword introduces shields with limited durability; they are damaged when used strenuously. The level of damage sustained is indicated by the Shield Gauge. Shields can be repaired at the Scrap Shop or with a Revitalizing Potion. When the Shield Gauge empties, the shield is broken beyond repair,[4] unless Link possesses an Revitalizing Potion + at that moment. Like many items in Skyward Sword, shields can be upgraded at the Scrap Shop, improving their durability but otherwise retaining their qualities. The Hylian Shield, obtained by completing the Thunder Dragon's Lightning Round, is indestructible and cannot be upgraded.[5][6]

Every shield in Skyward Sword has a specific amount of damage it can take before breaking. This is laid out in the table below. In general, for a given tier of shield (i.e. basic, 1st upgrade, 2nd upgrade), the Sacred Shield derivative is the weakest, the Wooden Shield derivative is the second strongest (being 1.6 times as strong as the Sacred Shield derivative), and the Iron Shield derivative is the strongest (being 2.4 times as strong as the Sacred Shield derivative or 1.5 times as strong as the Wooden Shield derivative). For a given type of shield, the first upgrade is 1.5 times as strong as the basic shield, and the second upgrade is twice as strong as the basic shield.[7][8]

The damage dealt to a shield by an enemy attack or other damage source is proportional to the damage it would do to Link. Therefore, if a given attack does twice as much damage to Link as another attack does, it will also damage his shield twice as much. However, this does not apply to the increased damage attacks deal to Link in Hero Mode; shields take the same amount of damage from a given attack in Hero Mode that they do in regular gameplay. The number in the "strength" column in the table below indicates the number of hits required to break that shield provided the hits would each deal one heart of damage to Link in regular gameplay or two hearts in Hero Mode. (In the case of the Sacred Shield and its upgrades, the total number of hits does not take into account recovery of shield integrity over time.)

List of Shields[]

Sprite Name Type Tier Strength
SS Wooden Shield Icon Wooden ShieldWooden Shield 1Wooden 1Normal C4
SS Banded Shield Icon Banded ShieldBanded Shield 1Wooden 2Better E6
SS Braced Shield Icon Braced ShieldBraced Shield 1Wooden 3Best F8
SS Iron Shield Icon Iron ShieldIron Shield 2Iron 1Normal E6
SS Reinforced Shield Icon Reinforced ShieldReinforced Shield 2Iron 2Better G9
SS Fortified Shield Icon Fortified ShieldFortified Shield 2Iron 3Best H12
SS Sacred Shield Icon Sacred ShieldSacred Shield 3Sacred 1Normal A2.5
SS Divine Shield Icon Divine ShieldDivine Shield 3Sacred 2Better B3.75
SS Goddess Shield Icon Goddess ShieldGoddess Shield 3Sacred 3Best D5
SS Hylian Shield Icon Hylian ShieldHylian Shield 4Hylian 4Cannot be upgraded I

A Link Between Worlds[]

In A Link Between Worlds, Shields can be bought at any Shop for 50 Rupees. They will block most ranged attacks like Arrows and melee attacks from Enemies, but cannot block magical attacks and Lynels' fire breath. If Link is trapped by a Like Like, his Shield can be eaten. In this event, Link cannot retrieve his shield from the Like Like and will need to purchase a new one. The Shield is later replaced by the Hylian Shield found in Turtle Rock.

Breath of the Wild[]

BotW Shield Icon

Breath of the Wild features several different pieces of equipment to use as protection. The diverse range of Shields available allows Link to deviate from the standard Sword and Shield dynamic. Many of these Shields follow a series of archetypes, such as "Boko," "Soldier's," and "Traveler's." Initially, Link can carry up to four Shields at a time in his inventory; however, he can obtain additional slots by giving Korok Seeds to Hestu. Hestu will upgrade Link's slots up to a full page, or 20 slots, of Shields. If Link takes another Shield while his inventory is full, he will drop the Shield or put it back if it came from a Treasure Chest. You can also obtain Shields from Selmie; however, she will turn you away if your inventory is full. Each Shield, including duplicates, occupies its own slot in the inventory.

Shield guard, also called parry power, is a measure of the shield's effectiveness, not durability. For instance, a Pot Lid has a shield guard of one, so enemies are very unlikely to stagger after hitting Link. However, the Hylian Shield has a shield guard of ninety, so most low-level enemies will stagger after attacking. Shield guard does not affect the efficiency of perfect guards, so Link will have the same difficulty perfect guarding with any shield.

Each hit a Shield receives while Link is blocking lowers it durability, breaking once it reaches zero. Performing a Perfect Guard prevents the Shield from taking damage, while simultaneously stunning the enemy or deflecting its projectile. The Lynel Shield and its upgrades can also be used to deal direct damage when used to guard. By using a Shield while aerial, Link is capable of Shield Surfing at the cost of the Shield's integrity (provided the Shield is being ridden on coarse terrain; if Link Shield Surfs on snow or sand, the Shield will not take damage).

The shield loses 30 durability points from the explosion of remote bombs or explosive barrels.

List of Shields[]

Shield Compendium No. Shield Guard Durability Composition Description
BotW Hylian Shield Icon
Hylian Shield
350/355 90 800 Metal A shield passed down through the Hyrulean royal family, along with the legend of the hero who wielded it. Its defensive capabilities and durability outshine all other shields.
BotW Pot Lid Icon
Pot Lid
351/356 1 10 Wood The lid of a large soup pot. It smells vaguely of chicken broth... Yum! It can take quite a beating before breaking.
BotW Wooden Shield Icon
Wooden Shield
352/357 2 12 Wood This lightweight, simple shield is ideal for less-experienced fighters. It can withstand light attacks, but blocking stronger blows is not recommended.
BotW Emblazoned Shield Icon
Emblazoned Shield
353/358 3 12 Wood This shield features a traditional design from Necluda. Its combat capabilities aren't much better than the standard wooden shield, but it found popularity for its design.
BotW Hunter's Shield Icon
Hunter's Shield
354/359 3 10 Wood Favored by hunters for its rabbit design, which is said to bring luck on hunts. It's easy to use, but its durability leaves something to be desired.
BotW Fisherman's Shield Icon
Fisherman's Shield
355/360 3 10 Wood Often carried by fishermen for its fish design, which represents hope for a great catch. Its light wooden structure makes it convenient to take on a boat.
BotW Traveler's Shield Icon
Traveler's Shield
356/361 4 12 Wood A sturdy shield loved by many an adventurer. It is made of animal hide and sturdy wood and is best suited to defending against weak monsters or animals.
BotW Soldier's Shield Icon
Soldier's Shield
357/362 16 16 Wood A shield once used by the guards of Hyrule Castle. It's easy to handle, but its core is made of wood, so it can catch fire.
BotW Knight's Shield Icon
Knight's Shield
358/363 40 23 Metal A shield favored by the knights who served the Hyrulean royal family. Its sturdy metal construction makes it quite durable, but its weight requires decent skill to wield.
BotW Royal Shield Icon
Royal Shield
359/364 55 29 Metal A shield issued to the Hyrulean royal family's immediate guard detail. It boasts a high defense, but these days it's more a collector's item due to its ornamentation.
BotW Forest Dweller's Shield Icon
Forest Dweller's Shield
360/365 30 18 Wood The Koroks made this shield specifically for Hylians. It's made from the finest hard wood of trees that grow only in the Korok forest, so it's sturdier than it looks.
BotW Silver Shield Icon
Silver Shield
361/366 18 20 Metal A Zora-made shield adorned with intricate ornamentation. It's said that true masters of this shield can redirect attacks as a rock redirects running water.
BotW Kite Shield Icon
Kite Shield
362/367 14 16 Wood Rito warriors cherish this shield. Its unique shape is designed with mid-battle flight in mind to facilitate aerial combat.
BotW Gerudo Shield Icon
Gerudo Shield
363/368 20 20 Metal The design of this metal shield has changed over time to match the Gerudo's sword-and-shield fighting style. It's favored by soldiers and travelers alike.
BotW Radiant Shield Icon
Radiant Shield
364/369 35 26 Metal This extravagant shield is presented to Gerudo warriors who rise up to the rank of captain. Its apparent opulence is rivaled only by its combat capabilities.
BotW Daybreaker Icon
365/370 48 60 Metal This shield was cherished by the Gerudo Champion Urbosa. The gold used to make it was handpicked to ensure a design that is both lightweight and very durable.
BotW Shield of the Mind's Eye Icon
Shield of the Mind's Eye
366/371 16 16 Wood A small Sheikah-made shield. Its design is intended to decrease blind spots without sacrificing too much defense.
BotW Ancient Shield Icon
Ancient Shield
367/372 70 32 Ancient This shield was made using ancient Sheikah technology. Its surface glows blue when raised in defense. Enhanced functionality allows it to deflect Guardian beams.
BotW Rusty Shield Icon
Rusty Shield
368/373 3 16 Metal It's likely this rusty old shield once belonged to a knight. It still has some defensive capabilities, but its usefulness has been worn down by time.
BotW Royal Guard's Shield Icon
Royal Guard's Shield
369/374 70 14 Metal This shield was forged using ancient Sheikah technology. It boasts extremely high stopping power, but its structural weakness made its low durability impractical for combat.
BotW Hero's Shield Icon
Hero's Shield
Triforce piece
-- 65 90 Metal A shield said to have been the favorite of a hero who traveled the open seas. It was apparently a family heirloom, passed down through many generations.
BotW Boko Shield Icon
Boko Shield
370/375 3 5 Wood A Bokoblin-made shield created by attaching a handhold to any flat tree bark picked up off the ground. It's pretty shoddy, so don't expect it to last very long.
BotW Spiked Boko Shield Icon
Spiked Boko Shield
371/376 10 7 Wood A Boko shield made of slightly stronger wood. It's been reinforced with animal bones.
BotW Dragonbone Boko Shield Icon
Dragonbone Boko Shield
372/377 25 8 Wood This Boko shield is reinforced with fossilized bone. Its defensive capabilities are respectable, but its predictably slipshod craftsmanship spells low durability.
BotW Lizal Shield Icon
Lizal Shield
373/378 15 8 Metal A common shield found among the Lizalfos. It's made of metal, but its sloppy craftsmanship offers poor durability.
BotW Reinforced Lizal Shield Icon
Reinforced Lizal Shield
374/379 22 12 Metal This Lizal shield has been strengthened by adding a different type of metal to the mix. The edge is lined with spikes, so handle with care.
BotW Steel Lizal Shield Icon
Steel Lizal Shield
375/380 35 15 Metal This Lizal shield is adorned with several metal shells as a means of reinforcement. Its defensive capabilities are high, but its weight requires a skilled soldier to bear.
BotW Guardian Shield Icon
Guardian Shield
376/381 18 10 Ancient A shield made with ancient Sheikah technology. It can deflect a Guardian Scout's beam.
BotW Guardian Shield+ Icon
Guardian Shield+
377/382 30 13 Ancient The larger version of a Guardian shield has had its output level boosted. Its defensive capabilities are comparable to those of a metal shield's.
BotW Guardian Shield++ Icon
Guardian Shield++
378/383 42 20 Ancient The output level of this shield has been boosted to maximum. Its combat capabilities surpass those of metallic shields, and it can deflect Guardian Scout beams.
BotW Lynel Shield Icon
Lynel Shield
379/384 30 12 Metal A sturdy shield favored by Lynels for its defensive and offensive capabilities. First and foremost a shield, but the banded edges can deal slashing attacks when deflecting.
BotW Mighty Lynel Shield Icon
Mighty Lynel Shield
380/385 44 15 Metal This Lynel-made shield has been reinforced with armor and even more blades. Stronger in both defense and offense, it can tear through basic armor when deflecting.
BotW Savage Lynel Shield Icon
Savage Lynel Shield
381/386 62 20 Metal This ultimate Lynel shield is used only by the white-haired Lynels. It excels at defending against even the most brutal of attacks and cutting down powerful foes when deflecting.

Tears of the Kingdom[]

Tears of the Kingdom features every Shields as in Breath of the Wild, except the Guardian Shield and Ancient Shield, with the addition of the new Zonaite Shield and Old Wooden Shields. Items and materials can now be fused to shields, for a variety of different effects.

Levels of Shields[]

In The Legend of Zelda series, three common shields exist: the Wooden, the Durable, and the Mirror shields - from which the games, at their own discretion, add different variations and unique shields to the mix that operate differently as required by the individual games themselves. A Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time both contain examples of all three varieties.[9]

Wooden Shields[]

Deku Shield
The Ordon Shield from Twilight Princess.
Related Articles: Wooden Shield, Ordon Shield, and Deku Shield

The Wooden Shield is often the first that Link acquires in his journey, as this type of shield is the closest and most readily available to Link at the time. Though not specifically noted, many of the games such as The Legend of Zelda and A Link to the Past incorporate wooden shields; they are noted by their adequate protection from rocks and arrows and weakness against fire, instead of by their rudimentary wooden makeup. In 3D The Legend of Zelda titles, the wooden shield's weakness to fire makes it a relatively risky choice to use under volcanic and high heat conditions because contact with fire will burn the shield, namely the Deku Shield and the Ordon Shield, away completely. Unlike the more durable Iron Shield in Skyward Sword, the Wooden Shield is resistant to electricity. In order to accommodate this aversion to fire, wooden shields can be replaced at many bazaars for a nominal price. Also, in A Link Between Worlds, the basic shield has the same properties as most other basic, wooden shields, blocking most basic enemy attacks, but not such attacks as beams or fire, but it cannot be burned away.

Durable Shields[]

Related Articles: Fighter's Shield, Hylian Shield, Sacred Shield, Hero's Shield, Iron Shield, Red Shield, and Magical Shield
A metallic shield in A Link to the Past
The Hero's Shield in Majora's Mask

The Durable Shield is the more durable counterpart to the wooden shield, in that it can not only deflect most enemy attacks and projectiles, but it does not fail in the presence of high heat. The Magical Shield of The Legend of Zelda is the first form of this shield, and the Red Shield from A Link to the Past and Hero's Shield of Majora's Mask fame are prime examples of the impenetrability of these shields - even large boulders that rain down from the apex of Death Mountain do not leave a scratch on the surface of the Hylian Shield of Ocarina of Time. However, in Skyward Sword, the Iron Shield, which is normally indestructible, can be damaged when attacked, especially with electricity, but it is among the most durable shields in the title. Also in Skyward Sword, the Sacred Shield has limited durability, but it is resistant to most elements and will repair itself when damaged. Contrary to the wooden shield, which often has a minimalistic art design on its facing side, these often impregnable shields commonly boast the Hylian Crest and the Triforce at their front. While the majority of these shields are metallic in construct, many in the series do not give any physical description beyond what they protect against.

Mirror Shields[]

Main article: Mirror Shield
The Mirror Shield of The Wind Waker
Mirror shield from Ocarina of Time

Always having a smooth, reflective face, the Mirror Shield is usually the last, and sometimes even optional, shield variation Link can receive on his quest; this shield is an impregnable shield with one added function: the ability to reflect light. Its plot usability is determined by game; for example, Ocarina of Time incorporates a mirror shield that is required to beat the Spirit Temple, while The Minish Cap presents the shield as a reward for completing a lengthy side-quest unrelated to the plot. The mirror shield is used almost exclusively to complete the dungeon it was found in, and rarely throughout the rest of the game, save certain side-quests and other small situations.


Link has always used the shield to defend himself. Sometimes, the shield is even necessary to defeat specific enemies. However, the way the shield is utilized varies; depending on the game, Link is limited to defending either automatically or manually.


TAoL Link Blocking Attack Artwork

In The Legend of Zelda, Link automatically carries his shield, but it can only block projectile attacks as long he faces the direction of attack.[10] Once again, in A Link to the Past, the shield exclusively deflects ranged attacks. However, he doesn't only need to use it in the direction he's facing. As he charges his sword for a Spin Attack, Link can hold his shield on his right side (except when looking east, in which case he holds it on his left side), leaving that side guarded but his front open.

Link, in The Adventure of Link, may use his shield against not only ranged attacks, but direct ones as well, which is crucial during combat with Iron Knuckles and Stalfos. However, this shield cannot defend against strikes from chain hammers, axes, clubs, and fireballs.[11] The Reflect magic, one of the many spells Link can use in The Adventure of Link, increases the defensive powers of the shield, allowing it to bounce back projectiles. The shield of Four Swords Adventures can also deflect both ranged and direct attacks, but as before, they are vulnerable to certain attacks.[12] In Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks, Link's can protect against ranged and close-ranged attacks. Only in Phantom Hourglass, however, can Link use the power of Wisdom Gems to augment the defensive powers of his shield.

In Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. Brawl, aside from the bubble shield given to all characters, Link, Young Link, and Toon Link can use their shields to block opponents' projectile attacks. By standing still, slowly walking, or crouching, any projectiles that strike the face of the shield are nullified and simply push Link back according to how strong it was. However, there are several caveats: idle animations may cause Link to drop his guard, Link cannot hold his shield if he is holding an item, and projectiles that are unblockable or unreflectable cannot be defended against.


The shield in Link's Awakening is used as any other item in the game; by assigning it a button command. Because of this, for the first time, Link may utilize the shield whenever desired.[13] This function is reused in Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons. The system reappears in Four Swords and again in The Minish Cap, in which the shield can bounce some attacks back at enemies.[14]

Ocarina of Time greatly changed the way the shield functions. All shields must be equipped before using. Link can use the shield in two ways. He can hold it while remaining stationary, tilting it in whatever direction he faces. Contrarily, when targeting, Link can focus on his enemy while moving freely and defending with his shield at the same time. Similarly to the Reflect magic, Link's shield can reflect certain enemy projectiles back at the attacker, an ability that comes with the item (except for the Mirror Shield in Ocarina of Time). In a special case, if Link equips the Hylian Shield as a child, he must carry it on his back at all times, even when defending, because the shield is too heavy for him to lift. This method can be used to block debris shooting from Death Mountain. The shield mechanics of Majora's Mask and The Wind Waker are the same as those in Ocarina of Time, except shields are equipped automatically.[15]

Twilight Princess takes the Shield mechanics of the previous 3D titles and expands on them. Now when targeting an enemy, Link automatically lifts his Shield in defense.[16] However, he can't automatically reflect projectiles without use of the Shield Attack, a learned ability he can also use to open the defenses of enemies and stun them. To defend with the Shield in Skyward Sword, the Wii Remote's Nunchuk must be thrust forward.[17] The same motion is used to perform a Shield Bash, a move similar to the Shield Attack.[18] If used just as an enemy's attack lands, the Shield Bash will act as a parry and temporarily stun them.[18] Performing this parry does not decrease the Shield's durability. In Breath of the Wild, Link can perform a Deflect by pressing the 'A' button while guarding by holding 'ZL'. This move will bash enemies and even cause damage as a slash attack when used with any type of Lynel Shield.[19] Similar to the Shield Bash in Skyward Sword, Link can perform a Perfect Guard by Deflecting just as an enemy's attack lands. This acts as a parry and temporarily stuns the enemy. Perfect Guards can be performed on Guardian lasers as well, which will deflect their lasers back at them and cause a high amount of damage. Deflecting can also be used to deflect certain projectiles back at enemies. Link can also use his Shield to Shield Surf down hills in Breath of the Wild. This, like Deflecting, is also performed by pressing the 'A' button while holding 'ZL', but while in the air.

Spinoff appearances[]

The Faces of Evil[]

Link's Shield Icon CD-i

In The Faces of Evil, Link uses the Shield to defend himself from enemy attacks.[20] The Shield is able to block most projectile attacks, but only when Link is standing still or crouching. On the inventory screen, the Shield bears the initial "L" for Link.

The Shield is later upgraded by Suprena in Serigon Caves into the Reflecting Shield, after Link brings her the Crystal of Reflection.

The Wand of Gamelon[]

Zelda's Shield Icon CD-i

In The Wand of Gamelon, Zelda uses the Shield to defend herself from enemy attacks.[21] Identically to The Faces of Evil, it is able to block most projectile attacks provided that Zelda is standing still or crouching. On the inventory screen, the Shield bears the initial "Z" for Zelda.

Zelda can later find the stronger Reflecting Shield. It replaces her standard Shield.


  • The Shield from A Link to the Past is the first shield to feature a bird design.
  • There is a recurring pattern in the designs of shields in Skyward Sword. Basic shields have a bird's foot in their design. Improved shields have stylized bird silhouettes with spread wings. Final-stage shields have swirling wind patterns.
  • Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, and Breath of the Wild are the only games in which more than one shield can be kept in the inventory and in which it is possible to use a shield other than the "best" one Link currently possesses. Of these, Ocarina of Time is the only game to feature the Mirror Shield, making it the only game in the series where the Mirror Shield can be carried unequipped.
  • Originally, in games where the Hylian Shield is the highest-level shield (Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword), Like Likes did not appear, while they (or Pikits, in the case of A Link to the Past) appeared in all other games that feature the Hylian Shield. As Like Likes are able to eat Hylian Shields in games where they appear, their absence in these titles may be related to there being no superior, inedible shield present. However, A Link Between Worlds provides an exception: Both the Hylian Shield and Like Likes are present, and Like Likes are unable to eat it.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in other regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
JapanJapaneseシールド (Shīrudo) (TLoZ)[22]
小さな盾 (Chiisana Tate) (ALttP)[23]
盾 (Tate) (ST | ALBW)[24][25]
盾 (Tate) (ST | ALBW)[26][27]
Same as English.
Small Shield
CanadaFrenchCABouclier (ST | ALBW)[28][29]
FranceFrenchEUBouclier (LA | ST | ALBW | BotW)[30][31][32]Same as English
GermanyGermanSchild (LA | LANS | ST | ALBW)[33][34][35]Same as English.
ItalyItalianScudo (LANS | ST | ALBW)[36][37]
South KoreaKorean방패 (Bangpae) (ALBW)[38]
SpainSpanishEUEscudo (ST | ALBW)[39][40]
Vestimenta (BotW)
Latin AmericaSpanishLAEscudo (ST | ALBW)[41][42]
This table was generated using translation pages.
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See also[]


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    Ne partez pas à l'aventure sans lui ! Levez-le avec R Button. Bloque pierres et flèches.
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  33. "Du hast Deinen Schild wieder! Damit kannst Du die Angriffe der Gegner abwehren! Halte den Knopf gedrückt, um den Schild vor Dich zu halten." — N/A (Link's Awakening, German version)
  34. "Schild" — Collection (Spirit Tracks)
  35. "Schild
    Ein Muss für jeden Abenteurer. Wehre mit R Button Steine un Pfeile ab.
    " — Gear (A Link Between Worlds)
  36. "Scudo" — Collection (Spirit Tracks)
  37. "Scudo
    Essenziale per ogni avventuriero. Con R Button puoi parare frecce e pietre volanti.
    " — Gear (A Link Between Worlds)
  38. "방패
    모험의 필수품
    R Button로 방어 자세를취하면
    날아오는 돌이나 화살을 막을 수 있다
    " — Gear (A Link Between Worlds)
  39. "Escudo" — Collection (Spirit Tracks)
  40. "Escudo
    ¡Vital para aventureros! Además, bloquea piedras y flechas si lo alzas con R Button.
    " — Gear (A Link Between Worlds)
  41. "Escudo" — Collection (Spirit Tracks)
  42. "Escudo
    ¡Vital para aventureros! Además, rechaza piedras y flechas si lo alzas con R Button.
    " — Gear (A Link Between Worlds)