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Sheikah Sensor Notes
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The Sheikah Sensor Notes are an Object in Breath of the Wild.[1]

Location and Uses

The Sheikah Sensor Notes are a Book written by Symin,[2] and they're found on his desk in the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab. They provide detailed instructions for using the Sheikah Sensor and its upgrade.


CoverSheikah Sensor +.Sheikah Sensor.
Quote1.png Sheikah Sensor Notes
Author: Symin
— Sheikah Sensor Notes
Quote1.png About the Sheikah Sensor +.

The Sheikah Sensor + is a rune that expands the features of the normal Sheikah Sensor.

It is able to detect any object that is listed in the Hyrule Compendium. Here's how it works...

1. Open the Hyrule Compendium by selecting Map➧Sheikah Sensor➧Hyrule Compendium.

2. Select a picture from the Hyrule Compendium.

3. Select "Target with sensor."

4. Select "Target This."

Do this and the Sheikah Sensor + will use a series of sounds to lead you to the object you want to detect.

To detect shrines again, select Map➧Sheikah Sensor➧Shrine.

To stop detecting altogether, just select Map➧Sheikah Sensor➧OFF.
— Sheikah Sensor Notes
Quote1.png About the Sheikah Sensor.

The Sheikah Sensor is one of the basic runes found on the Sheikah Slate.

If it senses an ancient shrine containing a hero trial nearby, it will lead you there by emitting a series of sounds.

The interval between sounds shortens the closer you get to a shrine.

To stop searching for your object of choice, set the Sheikah Sensor on your map to OFF.
— Sheikah Sensor Notes


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