Shatterback Point Warning Sign

Shatterback Point is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is located east of Zora's Domain on Ploymus Mountain in the Lanayru Great Spring region.

Shatterback Point is located at the top of Ploymus Mountain past the area that is territory of the local Lynel. The point is a dangerous jumping off point that acts as a shortcut to the East Reservoir Lake below and there is even a warning sign of Zora architectural design on the point. Despite the danger the Chief Secretary of the Zora Royal Family Laflat reveals a guy whom she describes as a "bottom feeder" goads his fellow Zora to dive off Shatterback Point. Fearing innocent Zora could be hurt doing so Laflat decides to scare Zora away by telling them about the Lynel living on Ploymus Mountain. She however requires a picture of a Red-Maned Lynel to show how terrifying Lynels are. During "Lynel Safari", Laflat requests Link take a picture of any Red-Maned Lynel with Ploymus Mountain being the only one that is not replaced by a stronger variant. Once Link gets the picture for Laflat she rewards him with a pair of Zora Greaves left behind when her father closed the Armor Shop in Zora's Domain. With the picture, Laflat is confident it will scare Zora away from Ploymus Mountain and Shatterback Point and plans to show it to the Zora children to keep them from getting injured or killed jumping off the point. Link however is free to dive off it as a shortcut. Once he has dived off it takes approximately nine seconds for him to reach the water below unless he pulls out his Paraglider. Link will survive the fall if he hits water though the fall could easily kill him if he hits solid ground without slowing his descent with the Paraglider.

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