"These little imps wield sharp machetes and Boko sticks when attacking."
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Sharp Machetes are items from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. They are wide, broad blades lacking crossguards. Along with Boko Sticks, these swords are the primary weapons used by Bokoblins. If Link defeats or disarms a Bokoblin, he can use their Sharp Machete as a weapon. Unlike Boko Sticks, Sharp Machetes cannot be knocked from Bokoblins' hands by using a shield to block their attacks. Bokoblins can wield their machetes with one hand, but Link must use two.

Sharp Machetes are twice as powerful as the Hero's Sword and just as strong as the power-depleted Master Sword, but are not as strong as Long Spears or Darknut Swords. Link cannot carry them between rooms, and they are not available for use from the inventory screen. They can be thrown to damage enemies at long distances. Several Sharp Machetes are found in Dragon Roost Cavern and are used to break sturdy wooden barriers.


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