"Tell me, small fry, have you ever been caught in one of those cyclones? The wind deity, Cyclos, uses those cyclones to fly across the sea instantaneously, or so I've heard. Could be just a rumor. Boy, if you had that power, you wouldn't have to spend so much time sailing back and forth across the sea all the time. Wouldn't that be nice, fry?"

Shark Island is a location from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. A shark-shaped island upon the Great Sea, it has a Hidden Hole in its center, which is surrounded by a ring of fire. A sign posted on the island by S.W. Potchit describes the only way to enter the Hidden Hole; the way to extinguish the flames is to activate four switches on the island within a set time. If all four are not pressed within the time limit, they will reset. The Korok, Irch, is also found here and Link must use Forest Water in order to recover his Withered Forest Tree.

Although there are not many enemies found when sailing this area, Sea Octoroks guard part of the water and near the island.

The Switches

The switches can be activated in any order so long as it is within the time limit.

  1. The first switch is located on the general gill area of a shark. It simply requires walking on.
  2. The second switch is located on the fin area. It requires plunging from the Skull Hammer.
  3. The third switch is located on the dorsal fin area. It requires the slashing of a sword.
  4. The final switch is located by the tail area. It needs weight provided by the Iron Boots.

Once accomplished, the Hidden Hole can be accessed. The hole itself contains a multitude of enemies, including Bokoblins, Darknuts, Mighty Darknuts, Miniblins, Moblins and Wizzrobes. Killing them all rewards Link with two-hundred Rupees.

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