Shai Utoh Shrine

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Shai Utoh Shrine
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The Shai Utoh Shrine,[1], designated by the Trial name Halt the Tilt,[1] is an Ancient Shrine in Breath of the Wild.

Entrance to the Shrine

The Shrine is located behind a Bombable wall near Lakeside Stable.

Themes and Navigation

The trial inside this shrine is rather simple, use Stasis to lock the tottering platforms in place in order to climb them up to the higher levels. It is worth noting that it is entirely possible to beat this trial without using stasis through clever use of the shield jump, however you will not be able to get the second chest using this method. The last set of platforms is surmountable in several ways including locking the first in place, running and jumping at the second, and continuing to jump until the platform levels; shield jumping from the first to the second without using stasis; or using the chest found on the second level to hold one of the platforms steady while you keep the other held with stasis. Any of these will ultimately result in clearing the trial and getting the Spirit Orb from Shai Utoh.

At the second tottering platform, simply follow it up the right side instead of the left to find a chest containing a Traveler's Sword. The treasure, while potentially useful, is only part of the worth of this chest however. The chest itself can be moved using Magnesis unlike many of the other shrine chests, allowing you to pin the platforms without the use of Stasis.

This one is a bit trickier. It is located directly across and slightly above Shai Utoh's resting place, and must be glided to by launching yourself from the first of the last two platforms. To reach it, grab the first chest from before using Magnesis, and hover it far above at the very opposite edge of the platform that you are standing on. You should also stand at the very edge of the platform with your back to Shai Utoh. Drop the chest and, with luck, the energy from its fall should be enough to launch you in the air high enough to glide safely to the chest. This may take a few tries depending on your luck and the luck of the physics engine. The reward is an Ancient Core.


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