Shadow Kargarocs, also known as Twilit Kargarocs, are enemies from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. They are mutated versions of the regular Kargaroc that appear when the blanket of Twilight overcomes the land. They also appear at the Palace of Twilight. Shadow Kargarocs are black in color and covered with the strange Twili pattern that also seems to envelope the Shadow Beasts. Their wings appear to be deteriorating, and their once-beaked heads have been replaced with a horn, which is marked with a symbol resembling a Twilight Portal. Its cry is now replaced with a trumpeting blast. Though its appearance is different, the Shadow Kargaroc is identical to its former self regarding demeanor.

While searching for the Shadow Insects in Lanayru Province, Wolf Link encounters a Twilit Bulblin who summons a Shadow Kargaroc using Hawk Grass and uses it as a steed to attack Link. Once the Shadow Kargaroc is defeated, Midna uses it to transport Wolf Link up the Zora's River.

Like all enemies of the Twilight, Shadow Kargarocs can be defeated with a single strike of the light-infused Master Sword.

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