Shadow Battle is a mini-game from The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures. Playable during the multiplayer mode of Four Swords Adventure, Shadow Battle is a duel between two to four players; each participant is a different colored Link. The object of the battle is to be the last Link standing. If time expires before there is a winner, however, the game ends in a tie between the remaining Links. At the start, there are five stages that can be chosen to host the Shadow Battle; The Field, Tower of Flames, Tower of Winds, Hyrule Castle and Above the Clouds. Once the story mode has been completed, a Dark World version of each of these stages are unlocked.

Throughout the battle, orbs appear that contain items. Some of the items are the bow, a Cucco, a Carrot (which allows the owner of the carrot to ride Epona, making him invincible for a small period of time), the Four Sword (which allows players to deal more damage and use stronger attacks like the Sword Beam and Hurricane Spin Attack), a slingshot, and other items that appear in only certain stages.

There is an option to set it so if time expires, then Vaati appears. Once there, he throws a bomb onto the screen. Any Link not inside a house or cave will be eliminated by the bomb's explosion.


Bonus Video Four Swords Adventures Shadow Battle Demo Movie

Bonus Video Four Swords Adventures Shadow Battle Demo Movie

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