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Shabonne is a character in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Shabonne is a Gerudo who coaches Tali, the Sand-Seal Racing champion.[2] She can be found with Tali at the Sand-Seal Rally in the Gerudo Desert. If Link approaches the nearby Ancient Orb, Shabonne scolds him and exclaims that only those who have proven themselves may touch it.[3][4] If Link talks to Shabonne, she apologizes to him because Tali is not in the mood for autographs.[5] If Link asks what happened, Shabonne explains that the Sand-Seal Race course is unusable with the Divine Beast Vah Naboris stomping around.[6] She then rudely tells him that he can stand around, but that she would prefer he did it elsewhere.[7] If Link asks about Sand-Seal Racing, Shabonne is surprised that Link has not heard of it and explains that it is a sport where people guide Sand Seals through arches on a race course.[8][9] Shabonne says that the racer with the fastest time wins, but they cannot run any races with the Divine Beast around.[10][11] If Link asks who Tali is, Shabonne is in disbelief that he does not know the Sand-Seal Racing champion and says that Tali could demonstrate her skills if it were not for the Divine Beast.[12][13][14] If Link asks Shabonne who she is, she explains that she is the one who raised Tali into a racing champion.[2] She goes on to say that it was not easy and that her relationship with Tali is great despite Tali's shyness.[15] Shabonne asks Tali if that is right, and Tali responds with silence as usual.[16][17][18] Shabonne is angry that the Divine Beast has upset Tali.[19] She also comments that the cold Desert nights must be rough on Hylians and that the Gerudo are used to it.[20][21]

When Link returns to the Sand-Seal Rally after calming Naboris, the Sand-Seal Race will be open again.[22] Link can speak to Shabonne or Tali to begin the Shrine Quest, "The Undefeated Champ". Shabonne tells Link that if he can beat Tali's record of 1:30, he can have a trophy.[23] The trophy that Shabonne refers to is the nearby Ancient Orb needed to reveal the Ancient Shrine, which has been passed down by ten thousand years of Sand-Seal Racing champions.[24] Shabonne charges Link 50 Rupees to race against Tali's record.[25] When Link beats Tali's record and places the Ancient Orb into its pedestal, the Raqa Zunzo Shrine rises from the ground and the Shrine Quest is completed.


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