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The Seven-Star Isles are a location in The Wind Waker.[1]


Fishman's Comment:
TWWHD Fishman Artwork.png
Seven-Star Isles
"If you see seagulls flying all around some sea water, that's a sign that you need to be wary, fry. Because the seagulls flock to wherever Big Octos appear... BIG OCTOS, I tell you! These things don't mess around!"
Tingle's Comment:
TWW Tingle Tuner Face Sprite.png
Seven-Star Isles
"Dragon Roost Island is south of there. You can see it from Tingle Tower!"

The Seven-Star Isles is an archipelago located in the northeastern region of the Great Sea, north of Dragon Roost Island. Near the Isles, a Big Octo is hidden underwater, which, upon defeat, will leave a Piece of Heart behind. In The Wind Waker, a Triforce Shard is found at the bottom of the sea in close proximity to the island after using Triforce Chart 7, obtained in Stone Watcher Island, to locate it. In The Wind Waker HD, Link will instead find a Silver Rupee, worth 200 Rupees, after using Treasure Chart 45 to locate it. Link can also retrieve Treasure Chart 16 in this isle by destroying all the rock-mounted Cannons positioned strategically amongst the isle's rock spires. This is the only archipelago in the game that isn't visited by the Ghost Ship.

Minor Enemies


In the French, Italian, German and Spanish versions of The Wind Waker, the archipelago is named after Ursa Major.

TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 七星島 (Shichi Hoshi Shima) Seven Star Island
French Republic FrenchEU Archipel Usa Major Ursa Major Archipelago
Federal Republic of Germany German Isla Ursa Major Ursa Major Isle
Italian Republic Italian Arcipelago Orsa Maggiore Ursa Major Archipelago
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Isla Osa Mayor Ursa Major Isle

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