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Set Bonuses are a mechanic in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Set Bonuses are effects given to Link when he equips certain complete Armor Sets. Some Armor Sets should be enhanced twice to give a Set Bonus, like the Radiant Set.[2] Set Bonuses are related to and sometimes the superior forms of Effects, which are abilities granted to Link upon wearing individual pieces of Armor or by consuming certain Food. The Soldier's Set and Well-Worn Outfit are the only Armor Sets that do not grant Set Bonuses.

There exist unnamed Set Bonuses that affect how various characters behave around Link. For example, the Dark Series, Phantom Ganon Set and Tingle's Set cause people to react in fear of Link. Similarly, the Gerudo Set allows Link to freely move about Gerudo Town without accusation of being a voe. Despite this, Greta,[3] Jules,[4][5] Paya,[6] Quince[7] and Muava will be able to see through Link's disguise.[8][9] Though they are not properly part of the Gerudo Set, the Sand Boots, Snow Boots and Thunder Helm all provide the same properties that allow Link to freely walk throughout Gerudo Town when paired with at least two other corresponding pieces of Armor.

List of Set Bonuses

Set Bonus Armor Sets Effect
BotW Ancient Proficiency Icon.png
Ancient Proficiency
Ancient Set Damage dealt by Link with ancient weapons deals 80% more. This includes all guardian weapons as well.
Bone Atk. Up
Phantom Ganon Set
Radiant Set
Deals more damage with weapons made of bone.
Charge Atk. Stamina Up
Fierce Deity Set
Royal Guard Set
Link uses 50% less stamina when charging an attack with any weapon. This includes single-handed swords, great swords and spears. This also lets Link stay in bullet time 2x longer because stamina is depleted 50% slower. This is excluded from the Royal Guard Set.
Climbing Jump Stamina Up
Climbing Set

Royal Guard Set

The amount of stamina used when doing a jump while climbing is now 50% less allowing you to climb much higher, much faster.
Phantom Ganon Set
Radiant Set

Kilton's Masks

Majora's Mask

Many enemies will not attack Link when you have this set bonus unless you attack them. If wearing a bokoblin mask, only bokoblins will not attack you. If there is another enemy that notices you and starts to attack you them any enemy that was not attacking you will start to. This is important to know, for if you put on a bokoblin mask and go into a group of enemies that is only bokoblins, then they will not attack you. If the group that you walk into with the bokoblin mask includes any other enemy besides with the bokoblins than they will all attack you, include the bokoblins. Majora's mask is an exception because almost all enemies will not attack you if you wear it. Enemies that can be fooled with the disguise set bonus are bokoblins, moblins, lizalfos, stal enemies (except stal hinoxs) and lynels (only for a short amount of time for they will start attacking after a certain amount of time has passed). Enemies that are not fooled are octoroks, hinoxes (including their stal counter-parts), any yiga soldier, keese, wizzrobes, all guardian variants and other bosses. It is also important to note that lynels will start attacking if you pull out any of your runes.
BotW Fireproof Icon.png
Fireproof Armor Not to be confused with flame-resistant, which allows Link to stay in the hot regions of Death Mountain, the fireproof set bonus gives Link the ability to walk in fire and removes extra damage done with fire weapons and fire arrows.
Gerudo Set

Male Gerudo Set (individual pieces)

Not be confused with flame-resistant, which allows Link to stay in the hot regions of Death Mountain, but not any of the hot regions of the Gerudo Desert strangely, the heat-resistant set bonus allows link to stay in the hot regions of the Gerudo Desert. There are two levels of heat-resistance. The first tier allows link stay in areas of the Gerudo Desert in front of Gerudo Town without getting damaged. The second tier lets Link to stay in the areas behind the Gerudo town without getting damaged. This is because the deeper you go into the desert the hotter it is and the more heat resistance Link will need.
BotW Master Sword Beam Up Icon.png
Master Sword Beam Up
Hero of the Sky Set
Hero of the Wild Set
Hero of Time Set
Hero of Twilight Set
Hero of Winds Set
Hero Set
BotW Night Speed Up Icon.png
Night Speed Up
Dark Series
Stealth Set
Tingle's Set
Link gains a speed boost when it is night. The boost if around the speed of the Hasty tier 2 effect.
Shock Damage Resist
Desert Voe Set

Rubber Set (individual pieces)

There are three tiers to this bonus:
  • Tier 1 and 2: Both tiers decrease the damage done to Link from lightning attacks but Link still gets shocked and drops his weapons when he is hit. Tier two reduces the damage more than tier 1.
  • Tier 3: This tier is similar to the unshockable set bonus but has a few differences. With tier 3 shock resist, Link can now block and get hit by electric attacks without dropping his weapons. Attacks from an electric or thunder rod will go right through Link without damaging him. Lightning will still damage Link but he will not drop his weapons. During the Thunder blight battle the electricity that he shoots in its first and second phase will go right through Link. Link can also get hit by Thunder Blight's physical attacks, block them and also hit its shield in the second phase without dropping his weapons. Link is still damaged when close to a pillar getting hit by lightning. Link is also immune to the lightning lizalfos electric attack.
BotW Swim Dash Stamina Up.png
Swim Dash Stamina Up
Zora Set

Royal Guard set

When Link has this set bonus, Link's dashes in the water take 50% less stamina. This includes dash attacks done by the Zora helm.
BotW Unfreezable Icon.png
Snowquill Set

Zant's helmet

Link is unable to be frozen by ice arrows, ice weapons and the ice lizalfos' freeze attack (which doesn't damage Link when in the attack, with the unfreezable set bonus). Link still takes damage in freezing lakes when he swims in them.
BotW Unshockable Icon.png
Rubber set

Thunder helm

This set bonus gives complete immunity to electric attacks. This includes lightning, the electric attack done by lightning lizalfos, shock traps (dropping an electric weapon mid swing and putting a metal weapon next to it) and explosions from electric chuchu's and electric chuchu jelly. Link is still damaged by lightning arrows but the extra damage dealt by them, compared to normal arrows, is negated.

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