This article is about the Ocarina of Time mini-game. For the Majora's Mask mini-game, see Jam Session.
"Follow along with our song on your Ocarina. We'll lead you into it."
Skull Kid

The Session is a mini-game from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It is hosted by two Skull Kids found in an area of the Lost Woods found to the immediate right of the entrance; this area also contains a target hanging from a tree. Interestingly, when Link has provided another Skull Kid found in the forest with a Skull Mask, the ones hosting the Session will be wearing such masks as well, without any explanation given. It is likely that this is a programming error, however, as the extra Skull Masks are removed in Ocarina of Time 3D.

To begin a Session, Link must stand atop a stump situated before a fallen tree, at which point the Skull Kids will appear, and then start playing his Fairy Ocarina or Ocarina of Time. The objective of the game is to play the same notes that the Skull Kids are playing; what series of notes Link must play are entirely randomly generated. For every time Link gets a note right, the series of notes is repeated, with a new note added for each time. The notes that Link must play is always repeated, played once by each Skull Kid.

The first time Link takes part in a Session, Link must play five notes successfully. When Link completes the first session, he will receive one Green Rupee; The second time, he must play six. When Link completes this session he will receive one Blue Rupee. Once Link has completed the final stage, which involves eight notes, the impressed Skull Kids provide him with a Piece of Heart, and disappear. Occasionally, notes that are played coincide with the notes of the various songs Link learns throughout his adventure.

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