"I am afraid there are some areas to which you will not be able to bring the servants of the tower. But do not fear leaving them behind! Once you have awakened them, they will wait patiently for your return."
King of Red Lions

The Servants of the Tower are characters from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Found within the Tower of the Gods, they are stone statues that can be controlled with the "Command Melody". When activated, Link can call them to him, and must work together with them to complete the various puzzles in the dungeon. They are often used to weigh down switches, due to their weight. If Link leaves them at certain place in a room and leaves the room, the statue will remain at that spot, as opposed to resetting at its original place. Additionally, they are invulnerable to hazards such as laser barriers which Link cannot pass through. If Link accidentally causes a Servant of the Tower to fall into water or down a bottomless chasm, he will lose a small portion of his life meter and will be forced to try again from the beginning of the chamber. Once Link guides all of the statues to the central chamber, he is granted access to the floor above.

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