Sera's Sundries is a shop from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Located in Ordon Village, it is owned and operated by Sera.

Link visits the shop in the beginning of the game, but finds Sera in a foul mood; her cat, Link, has made off with a fish and has not been seen for days. When Link visits a dock on the other side of the pond in the village, he finds the cat there. Once he obtains the Fishing Rod, he can catch a Greengill that the cat will steal and bring to Sera; this improves Sera's mood so much that she will give Link a free bottle of Milk, which replenishes health. It is also here that Link must purchase the Slingshot.

Although Sera has six visible pictures in Sera's Sundries, only two are of her daughter Beth, while four are of her cat.

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