"Link! I hear you managed to find the children for us! I've been meaning to thank you if I saw you. And now I will! Thank you so much, Link! Phew... Finally, I can get back to work in peace..."
— Sera

Sera is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. She is the heavy set, sleepy-eyed woman who owns and operates the general store in Ordon Village, Sera's Sundries. Her husband is the henpecked Hanch, and her daughter is Beth. Sera also owns a cat named Link, which plays a small role in the early portion of the game. Interestingly, she has more photos of her cat than she does of her own daughter. When her cat, Link, runs away, she becomes depressed. When Link prompts her cat to return to her, Sera is thankful and gives Link a free bottle of Milk. She will sell Link the Slingshot if he has enough Rupees after her cat is back.

Interestingly, at the beginning of the game, if Link uses Hawk Grass to summon a Hawk and sends it in Sera's direction, she will cover her head making her one of the few NPCs in Twilight Princess (along with her daughter and the other Children of Ordon) who react defensively to certain actions performed by Link, which is odd as she is in her shop for most of the game.


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