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Sentrobes are enemies in Skyward Sword.[1]


Fi's Comment:
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Target lock: Sentrobe
"This security drone was built in ancient times. It is armed with missiles fired from a central turret and flying bombs fired from both of its sides. Analysis suggests you can repel the missiles fired from the central turret with certain items at your disposal, such as your shield."

Sentrobes are round, flying robots found mainly in the Lanayru Mining Facility, only becoming active when under the effects of a Timeshift Stone. They have eyes in the center of their bodies and they fly around using a propeller attached to its inner body. They are separated vertically by their metallic shell, which opens to shoot missiles at Link. These missiles can be reflected with a Shield Attack or sword strike to damage the Sentrobe. They can only withstand being struck by their missiles twice before they blow up, jettisoning Rupees in all directions.


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