"Huh... Welcome to the middle to nowhere. Population: us. Hey... wait a second... You hiked all this way to meet the best there ever was at shield surfing, right?"

The Selmie's Spot is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is located in the Hebra Mountains region of Hyrule. It is the home of the retired legendary Hylian Shield Surfer Selmie who proposes a mini-game to Link consisting of Shield-Surfing. First she will have him take upon the Beginner Course which involves surfing to a natural stone bridge near Biron Snowshelf. The Advanced Course is unlocked by Link shrugging in response to Selmie's question regarding what Shield Surfing means to him as she will refuse to let him past beyond it if he says Shield Surfing is his life believing he is not ready. His less enthusiastic response is the correct one as Selmie notes she'd give the same response as its not something that can be put into words. The Advanced Course involves surfing the same part of the Beginner Course but Link must surf beyond the bridge to the finish line marked by two flags at Sturnida Secret Hot Spring. Several shield rewards can be obtained depending on the duration though only on the advanced course.

Link can find a Korok by examining the floating flower petals on top of Selmie's cabin. There is also a Cooking pot in the cabin's fireplace and a bed usable by Link. If Link attempts to use the Magnesis Rune to remove any of the metallic shields hanging in the cabin or if he attempts to light any of the wooden shields on fire, Selmie will yell at him to cut it out. However Link can take pictures of her shields with the Camera Rune to add their entries to the Hyrule Compendium.

The nearby Shada Naw Shrine acts as a fast travel point for Selmie's Spot after its Travel Gate is activated. The cabin contains a Bed Link can sleep in and a Cooking Pot in its fireplace. Even inside the cabin Level 2 Cold Resistance is required, unless Link is standing next to the Cooking Pot or constructs Campfires to keep warm as Selmie will not stop Link from making campfires. Some wooden crates, Barrels, Wood, a Torch, and Woodcutter's Axe can be found outside around the cabin. A hidden Korok can be found on the roof by examing the petals floating near the cabin's chimney and will reward Link with a Korok Seed.


After unlocking the Advanced Course, Selmie will reward him with a shield based upon his time though this only applies to the advanced course.

Time Reward
1:44 or less Royal Shield
1:45 - 1:59 Knight's Shield
2:00 - 2:14 Soldier's Shield
2:15 - 2:29 Kite Shield
2:30 - 2:44 Traveler's Shield
2:45 - 2:59 Fisherman's Shield
3:00 - 3:14 Emblazoned Shield
3:15 - 3:29 Hunter's Shield
3:30 or more Wooden Shield


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