Unofficial Name

"Now... come at me! To battle!"
— Self-proclaimed Hero

The Self-proclaimed Hero is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. He claims to be the Hero of Winds and is training to save the world. He can be found in the northwestern sea in the World of the Ocean King.


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The Self-proclaimed Hero is a clear spin on Link from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, as he lives inside a boat called the Prince of Red Lions, whose name and design are very similar to that of the King of Red Lions. Also, the "hero" dresses similar to how Link does, except that his belt buckle has a pink heart on it, his hat has a pom-pom on the tip with a fluffy trim at the edge, and has blue boots, instead of brown.

The Self-proclaimed Hero claims to be proficient swordsman, and Link can spar with him for various rewards. Initially, he will yield after only a few hits, but once he gets serious, Link must successfully land over 100 hits on the Self-proclaimed Hero without getting struck three times to receive a Heart Container. After this, landing another 100 hits will get Link a random treasure; landing 200 hits will result in a random ship part for Link.

During the quest for the Great Spin Attack, Link must trade the Hero's New Clothes to the Self-proclaimed Hero in exchange for the Kaleidoscope. When he gives the Kaleidoscope to Link, he jokes that it is a treasure given to him from his younger sister, parodying the event in The Wind Waker in which Aryll gives Link her Telescope.

Interestingly, the Self-proclaimed Hero has a brother, named Nyave, who sails around the Southwestern quadrant of the World of the Ocean King. Despite some believing that the Self-proclaimed Hero's name is Nyeve because of this, his real name is never given, and Nintendo's Phantom Hourglass strategy guide states that Salvatore's name in the game is actually Nyeve.

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