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The Seized Construct is introduced in Tears of the Kingdom as the Boss of the Spirit Temple.


Hyrule Compendium Entry

XXX (197) Seized Construct
The construct that Mineru originally intended to house her spirit. It was changed into this ominous form by the magic power of the Demon King. Originally intended for construction, it is highly durable and able to withstand harsh conditions.
Common Locations
Spirit Temple
Recoverable Materials

The Seized Construct is fought in the Spirit Temple as the last obstacle between Link, Mineru (in a robot body), and Mineru's Secret Stone. The Seized Construct is a construct robot very similar to the one Mineru inhabits, which she says is a prototype she built long ago. It is under Ganondorf's control and overflowing with Gloom as a result.

First Phase[]

The Seized Construct is fought in the Spirit Temple, in a zone that resembles a boxing arena covered in Gloom. Link must stay on Mineru's Construct during the fight to avoid Gloom damage. It uses a vast array of Zonai devices that it fuses to its own body to deal damage.

In the first half of the fight, the Seized Construct can do a handful of attacks such as leaping backwards and firing cannons, stabbing with shock emitters, and shielding itself from damage. The easiest way to damage at this stage it is if Link attacks it with Mineru's fists and continuously knocks the Seized Construct backwards until it makes contact with the electrified fence surrounding the arena. Link can use the Fuse ability to attach various objects and weapons to Mineru's arms, making it easier to knock the Seized Construct into one of the fences.

Second Phase[]

When the Seized Construct has lost half of its health, the second phase of the fight begins. It activates two additional attachment points and fuses fans to its arms, allowing it to hover. The strategy to defeat it is largely the same as the first part of the battle, but the Seized Construct fights in a more aggressive and complex manner.

At the end of the fight, Link is rewarded with a Heart Container and Mineru's Vow, an ability that allows him to summon Mineru's Construct at any time.


  • Unlike the other temple bosses, it is not possible to challenge the Seized Construct in a rematch in The Depths.
    • This is due to the nature of its battle.
  • The Seized Construct has 20000 health, which is the highest amount out of any boss of Tears of the Kingdom, even more so than both forms of Ganondorf.
    • The Seized Construct's health remains constant, regardless of how many bosses were defeated before challenging it. However, defeating it before any other Temple bosses will scale up their health when Link fights them.[1]
  • The shock emitters it uses can go straight through Mineru's shield, unlike the cannonballs.


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