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Segāre playing the ocarina
Main appearance(s)
Majiyo (mother)

Segāre[name reference needed] is one of two main antagonists in Ripened Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love, and serves as the penultimate Boss.


Segāre is the prince of Emerald City's neighboring country, and son of Majiyo. Segāre will appear through all the adventure, keeping Tingle, Kakashi, Buriki and Lion from make it to the city.

He first appears on Page 4, as a mysterious man wearing a red hood. At the beginning of that page, Tingle must cross a suspension bridge to continue on his quest. Segāre then appears and cuts the ropes with a sword, preventing Tingle to advance. After that, he pulls out an Ocarina, and plays a song that resembles Epona's Song, to call a white horse named Umare, and run off. He appears again at the end of Page 5, when he drops down from a tree, shortly after Tingle and friends have departed, in a scene which implying that Umare sabotaged the Tinliner.

At the end of Page 8, Segāre takes off his hood, and is seen wearing a crown. He then runs off to the beginning of Page 9, where he pushes a ramp in front of the Tinliner, causing it to jump the tracks and end up on an old mining facility rail system.

He makes another appearance at the beginning of Page 11, where he is dressed up as a clown juggling with Umare who is playing the accordion. He waits until Kakashi comes over to watch them perform, and for Tingle and the others to turn their backs. When Tingle returns, Kakashi is missing, and Segāre's clown suit is lying on the ground. Buriki finds some tracks which leads the group to a desert peak, there they see Segāre far below, riding across the dessert with Kakashi on Umare's back.

At the end of Page 11, Tingle finds Kakashi tied to a stalagmite in a cave behind the Usotami Village. As soon as Lion beaks the chains Segāre shows up, and calls Big Liar. However, the giant monster instead chooses to eat Segāre, but soon spits him out, and shoots him through the roof.

On Page 13, Tingle wakes up to find paint splattered all over Castle Town. Soon after, Tingle and friends bumps into Segāre, who is wearing a Tingle suit. Segāre had hired three others to dress as Kakashi, Buriki, and Lion to vandalize the town, causing Tingle and his party to be arrested.

Shortly after, Tingle and his friends are able to escape the prison, due to the fact that they have befriended one of the guards. As they enter the Emerald City's Castle Courtyard, Segāre attacks them, approaching in a large robot known as The Mechanic King. While this is happening, Umare pushes a spiked wall up behind Tingle and his trio, blocking any escape. Segāre corners them, and begins to push them back against the wall. However, each of Tingle's friends use their respective abilities to flip over the robot. After some rounds, he machine will stop working, and crush him.

As the four friends make their way from the scene, Segāre manages to crawls out from under the wreck. He brandishes a rocket launcher and fires it at the castle wall before passing out. The blast knocks loose a large stone slab which begins to fall on Tingle and his group.

After the final battle, Segāre comes to help his mother, Majiyo, but then both are put into a cage for all the trouble they made. During the credits, they are seen in Page 8, being chased by monsters while Umare laughs from behind a tree.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name
Japan Japanese セガーレ (Segāre)