The Seeker's Guild is a group from The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures. Its goal is to investigate the strange occurrences in the Village of the Blue Maiden, namely the disappearance of the local villagers. Due to the recent attacks by Shadow Link, many villagers have been teleported to the Dark World. Consequently, the remaining villagers have lined up outside of the Seekers Guild headquarters, waiting for their loss to be investigated.

When Link enters the headquarters from the side, the leader makes him an official member and asks him to gather information from four secret agents who are scattered throughout the village. Each agent yields a small clue.

The green agent is located directly outside of the headquarters. He gives Link the clue: "The six..."

The red agent is located in the southwestern part of the village. He tells Link that he heard the mage just south of him say, "Deeply connected to this village..."

The blue agent can be found east of the seeker's guild. He says that he heard someone say, "Protect..." just before they disappeared.

The purple agent can be found in the house with four doors in the eastern part of the village. He tells Link that the mage next to him shouted out, "Beautiful..."

After Link reports back to headquarters and tells the leader that the clues refer to the Seven Maidens, the leader gives Link a Shovel and tells him to explore near a house of pots.

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