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The Seeker's Guild is an organization in Four Swords Adventures. Its office is located in the Village of the Blue Maiden, which inhabitants are its main clients. The Seeker's Guild concerns itself with finding missing people and solving oddities and other problems occuring in town.


The Village of the Blue Maiden was in a tremendous uproar because all of the children had gone missing. Many villagers came to the Seeker's Guild to get help finding the children or to volunteer as new member. To prevent nagging villagers and worthless volunteers from getting in the way of the guild's investigations, the leader of the guild got one member to pretend to be first in line to the office[1] so that no one could enter through the front door.[2]

However, there was a second entrance located at the side of the office. This one was both for guild members to come and go through and to select worthy volunteers on, since anyone capable of spotting the entrance had to have some talent to become a Seeker.[3] Link made use of this entrance when he went to volunteer, referred to the guild by the agents spread across town. He was accepted and additionally given his first assignment: to collect the clues found by the agents.[4]

The four agents had been spying on some of the mages in town, certain that they had something to do with the disappearance of the children. From this activity, they each were able to provide Link with a small piece of information they had eavesdropped: "The six...",[5] "Protect...",[6] "Deeply connected to this village..."[7] and "Beautiful!".[8] With these clues, Link returned to the leader to discuss what it could mean.[9] The breakthrough came when Link suggested the words referred to the Shrine Maidens. Grateful for this advancement in the investigations, the leader gave him both a shovel and information on a hidden passageway on the other side of the village.[10]

Coincidentally, these rewards allowed Link to also help out in the guild's search for Iris, a novice mage that had gone missing.[11]

After Link defeated the Shadow Links to the east of the Village of the Blue Maiden, the villagers came to congratulate him on his success. Among them was Secret Agent One, who explained he came on behalf of the guild's leader, who was too busy to come himself. He expressed both gratitude and a wish for Link to stay and join the guild, but stated he understood Link had to go.[12]


Their members include:

Leader(FSA).png The Leader
Doorman(FSA).png The Doorman
SecretAgent1.png Secret Agent One (Green)[13]
SecretAgent2.png Secret Agent Two (Red)[14]
SecretAgent3.png Secret Agent Three (Blue)[15]
SecretAgent4.png Secret Agent Four (Purple)[16]


  • The order of the Secret Agents and the color of their clothes match up with that of the Links.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name
French-speaking countries French Guilde des Chercheurs
Federal Republic of Germany German Finder-Gilde
Italian Republic Italian Unità Investigativa
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Gremio de los Buscadores


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