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Seek Out Impa
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Quest Giver King Rhoam
Location Great Plateau
Previous QuestNext Quest
"The Isolated Plateau""Free the Divine Beasts"
"Locked Mementos"

"Seek Out Impa" is a Main Quest in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Link receives this Main Quest from King Rhoam after being informed of the events 100 years ago. King Rhoam instructs Link to meet with Impa in Kakariko Village,[2] as he can learn about his journey from her.[3] He tells Link to use the Map on the Sheikah Slate for the exact location of Kakariko Village.[4] He also gives Link directions, saying to go past the Dueling Peaks and to follow the road north.[5] The Quest begins alongside "Destroy Ganon" once King Rhoam fades away.

At Kakariko Village, Link can find Impa in her home. He is intially stopped by her guards, Cado and Dorian,[6] but they calm down once they notice he is carrying a Sheikah Slate.[7] Upon realizing who he is,[8] the pair apologize and allow Link through.[9]

Once Link enters Impa's House, she is pleased to see that he is awake,[10] and despite how long it has been, she asks if he remembers her.[11] However, she quickly notices that Link has no recollection of her,[12] and she asks if he at least recognizes her name.[13] Seeing that Link has lost his memory,[14] she decides that it may be a blessing for the time being.[15]

Impa beckons Link closer,[16] where she begins to tell him the story of 100 years ago.[17] After he fell, Princess Zelda wished for Link to be placed into a sacred slumber.[18] Zelda went on her own to fight Calamity Ganon.[19] She entrusted Impa with message for Link,[20] which she has held onto since then.[21] If Link wants to hear this message, though, he must be prepared to risk his own life.[22] She is fearful that Link would be burdened by it when he lacks his memories,[23] so she tells him to return when he wants to hear it.[24]

When Link returns, Impa reiterates that she can not pass Zelda's message to someone who lacks conviction.[25] When he agrees to listen, Impa notes that he is still as courageous as he was before he lost his memories.[26] Since Link has no memory, she decides to recount what happened for him.[27]

Impa tells Link the history of Calamity Ganon and how it is tied to the history of the Royal Family of Hyrule.[28] Whenever the Calamity has arisen, it has been turned back by a warrior with the soul of a hero and a princess with the blood of the Goddess.[29] Every conflict eventually faded into legend,[30] so Impa tells Link of the first Great Calamity, ten thousand years ago.[31]

Prior to the first Great Calamity, Hyrule Kingdom was a flourishing and advanced civilization.[32] Due to their technological prowess, the people decided to create defenses against Calamity Ganon in the event of his return.[33] They constructed the four Divine Beasts,[34] in addition to an army of Guardians.[35] Four individuals, all of whom had exceptional skill, were selected to pilot the Divine Beasts as part of the plan to defeat Ganon.[36]

When Calamity Ganon returned to Hyrule, the princess, hero, and Champions fought together against him.[37] The Guardians protected the hero while the Divine Beasts attacked Ganon.[38] Using the Master Sword, the hero dealt a final blow that allowed the princess to seal Calamity Ganon away.[39]

100 years ago, the people of Hyrule tried to follow in their footsteps.[40] However, they underestimated Calamity Ganon's power.[41] To avoid this happening again, Princess Zelda left her message for Link with Impa.[42] Her message told Link to free the Divine Beasts.[43] Impa explains that the Divine Beasts are ancient Sheikah weapons wielded by the defeated Champions.[44] They are Divine Beast Vah Rudania,[45] Divine Beast Vah Medoh,[46] Divine Beast Vah Ruta,[47] and Divine Beast Vah Naboris.[48]

Impa discourages Link from attempting to fight Calamity Ganon without the power of the Divine Beasts.[49] She tells him to infiltrate the {{Plural|BotW|Divine Beast|| and bring them back to their side.[50] For more information, he can locate the four races across Hyrule Kingdom.[51] The Sheikah Slate opens, displaying new markers on the map as Impa instructs him to meet the leader of each race.[52] This begins the "Free the Divine Beasts" Main Quest.

During this, Impa notices that the Sheikah Slate is not functioning completely.[53] Since it is supposed to be his guide,[54] she directs him to the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab in Hateno Village.[55] A new marker appears on the Sheikah Slate, which Impa explains is the location of Hateno Village,[56] which is one of the few places to avoid significant damage during the Great Calamity.[57] This begins the "Locked Mementos" Main Quest.

Impa asserts that Link is both Zelda and Hyrule's only hope.[58] She encourages him to follow his heart and seize his destiny.[59] With this, the Main Quest will be completed.


Stage Description
1 You were tasked with going to Kakariko Village to speak with Impa, who will give you more details on your quest.

Descend from the Great Plateau and head east beyond the Dueling Peaks, then follow the road to the north. The blinking dot on your Sheikah Slate's map will guide the way.
Complete Impa, the chief of Kakariko Village, relayed the tale of what happened 100 years ago, as well as the mission entrusted to you by Princess Zelda to free the four Divine Beasts.

But first, it seems that your Sheikah Slate is incomplete. Having it fixed at the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab in Hateno Village may provide more clues to your mission.


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