"Carrying a ring does nothing. Don't forget to open the Item Screen and wear it."

Seed Rings are items that appear in both The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages and The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. They are rings which contain special abilities that are activated when Link has one equipped. For example, some rings help Link deal more damage and some have beneficial effects on Link's items, while others have novel effects that are placed there for humor.

Seed Rings can be found in Treasure Chests, be bought in shops, or be given to Link from various characters. When one is obtained, it must be taken to Vasu Jewelers in Lynna City or Horon Village for appraisal before it can be used. For 20 Rupees, Vasu will appraise one ring and inform Link about its abilities, turning it into a Magical Ring. If Link has already acquired the ring, Vasu will buy it from him for 30 Rupees. When Link visits Vasu, he is given a Ring Box to store the rings in. He will also be given his first Seed Ring, which will always be the Friendship Ring.

To actually equip a specific Seed Ring, Link must talk to Vasu and choose "List". Then Link can put one ring in the Ring Box to carry around with him at all times. However, there exist upgrades to the Ring Box, which allow Link to carry a maximum of three and ultimately five rings, but only one ring can be equipped at a time.

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