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Secrets are special awards given to Tingle when he performs certain actions. There are a number of them throughout Ripened Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love, and most of them require Tingle to revisit previous pages with new items.

Page 1

  1. Obtained by giving medicine obtained on Page 12 to Tingle's Mother and Father.
  2. Obtained by performing a Love Push on Tingle's Mother, then using the clock key (found on Page 12) on the clock in Tingle's room.

Page 2

  1. Obtained by returning to the page and speaking with the Fairy Girl.
  2. Obtained by giving the bag obtained on Page 12 to the red ladybug.

Page 3

  1. Obtained by giving an ear of roasted corn to the statue at the entrance to Peter's farm.
  2. Obtained by returning to the page and using a Love Push to fill Sensei's second heart.