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Secret of the Ring Ruins
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Quest Giver Tauro
Prerequisite(s)Crisis at Hyrule Castle
Location Kakariko Village
Reward Location of the Fifth Sage
Next Quest
"Guidance from Ages Past"

"Secret of the Ring Ruins" is a Main Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.


ALBW Heart Three Quarters
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To find a lead on the Fifth Sage, Link headed to Kakariko Village which may contain clues. There he found Paya -- the village Chief -- and Tauro -- Leader of the Zonai Survey Team. The two are standing near a floating ruin and pondering, who claimed that Princess Zelda ordered them and the team that they are forbidden to investigate the floating ruin, although they do not know why because she never left any additional details.[citation needed]

After Link told the two about the "Zelda" being an impostor at Hyrule Castle, Paya and Tauro were surprised; which they believed that the floating ruin was likely a threat to the Demon King and used "Zelda's" position to deceive them. With the restriction order no longer coherent, Paya ordered the floating ruin to be reopened.

But with the ruin suspended in the air, Tauro could not find any way to get up or inside it. Link found his way up and inside the ruin then took a look for himself. He found a slab inside and took a picture for reference. He returned to trio and showed them the writing on the slab.

Tauro deciphered some of the words, but could only make out of a "hidden key in southeast" and an unfamiliar name, "Mineru." Paya also translated one of the writing as "dragon land." Recalled these words, Calip remarked of a Zonai ruin somewhere in Faron. Took all of these in account, Tauro presumed the writing indicate that the clue of the Fifth Sage led somewhere at a Zonai ruin in southeast Hyrule. Intent on investigating that ruin, Tauro and Calip headed out to setup camp near the Skyview Tower in Popla Foothills.

Link caught up with at the investigation camp, but found Calip there. He told that Tauro went ahead to Dracozu Lake to investigate. Catching up, Link finds Tauro inside a ruin studying an intact mural. He read it as some sort of riddle,[1][2] but does not know how to proceed with it. He hint it may have something to do with Dracozu River.

Deducing the riddle, Link finds several similar ruins along the river and found an archaic, energy-charged ritualized garment. Upon donning the outfit, Link reached the end of the Dracozu River, found yet another ruin, saw some form of altar, and dropped a Zonai Charge on it.

An ancient mechanism activated within the ruin and the structure started to take form, along with nearby similar ruins. A form of electric current activated from atop these structures and after a short while, a charged lightning strike discharged from all the ruins. Above from a distance, the thunderclouds dissipated and revealed a new island.

Tauro and Calip were in the vicitiy when it happened.[3] Regrouping with Link, he explained how it happened, and how another sky island appeared in the sky.[4] They were amazed to hear a new discovery, but were troubled since they have no way to reach that new sky island. They decided to report to Purah; Tauro will head back to Kakariko Village to write a report while he request Calip to look for any additional discoveries about the ruins.

To Link, the sky island that appeared in the sky could likely lead to the Fifth Sage. So he set his sights to venturing towards that new sky island.



ALBW Heart Three Quarters
This article is incomplete.

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Stage Description
1 After you told Paya and Tauro about the false Princess Zelda, they began exploring the Ring Ruin previously forbidden by the impostor. They believe there is a stone slab carved with Zonai writing inside.

Entering the site and investigating the slab will assist their research.
2 You deciphered the Zonai text carved in the stone slab inside the Ring Ruin. Tauro and his colleague are following a lead to the Zonai Ruins in balmy Faron in the southeast.

They're gathering at the Skyview Tower near the ruins.
3 You traveled to Skyview Tower in the Popla Foothills.

Calip, who industriously assembled the team's base of operations, informed you that Tauro planned to start investigating the Zonai Ruins to the southeast by Dracozu Lake.
4 You reunited with Tauro in ruins presided over by stone dragon statues. Tauro deciphered the code found on an ancient mural in the ruins:

Wear the electric garb hidden at long-necked dragons along the wide-mouthed forest serpent. Offer a Zonai charge to the altar at the tail.
5 '
Complete The floor of the chamber on Dragonhead Island opened when you touched the relic. After the relic fired a beam of green light to the ground, you hear a mysterious voice in your head:

"Link... Chosen protector of Zelda... Take this... Follow the light...


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