This article is about the items from Link's Awakening. For the items from The Minish Cap, see Mysterious Shell.
"You found a Secret Seashell! If you collect a lot of these, something good is bound to happen!"
— In-game description
Secret Seashell

Secret Seashells are quest items from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. These shells, twenty-six in all, are part of an optional side quest that Link can complete; they are hidden all over Koholint Island. They are hidden beneath ground which Link must dig up, behind patches of grass or bushes, beneath pots, or in Treasure Chests. Some of the shells, however, require more complex actions in order to locate them.

If Link travels to the Seashell Mansion with at least twenty, the Spirit of the Mansion bestows upon Link the Ultimate Sword. If Link travels here when he has five shells and once again when he has ten shells, the Spirit of the Mansion will give Link another Seashell as a gift. However, this cannot be done when the amount of Seashells are above a multiple of five.

It is possible to collect all twenty-six shells, though only twenty are needed to improve the sword. If Link has more than twenty shells in his possession when he goes to the Seashell Mansion, the extra shells, when found, will be replaced with twenty Rupees.


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