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The Second Quest,(TLoZ | TWW)[1][2] also known as Second Round,(ZG&W)[3] is a recurring mode in The Legend of Zelda series.[note 1] The Second Quest goes unnamed in The Adventure of Link.


The Legend of Zelda[]

The Second Quest in The Legend of Zelda is unlocked after completing the game. Doing so replaces the file icon with Link holding a Sword. The Second Quest consists of different Dungeons being located in different places with an added difficulty.[5] Heart Containers and some shops found in the overworld are also changed to different locations. The name "ZELDA" can be used in the name input screen to start the Second Quest automatically.[6]

The Adventure of Link[]

The Second Quest in The Adventure of Link can be unlocked after completing the game. The file will now include a Triforce piece next to its name. During the Second Quest, Link gets to keep all the Spells learned in the previous Quest, as well as his levels for Skill, Magic, and Life, making the game rather easier. Special items found in Palaces have to be retrieved again, as well as any Heart Containers and Magic Containers.

The Wind Waker[]

Link Outset Clothes

Link as he appears in the Second Quest of The WInd Waker

The Second Quest in The Wind Waker can be unlocked after completing the game. During the Second Quest, the Hero of Winds wears his initial outfit for the entire game while Aryll wears her ending pirate outfit from the start (which causes Link obtaining his clothes from his grandmother to be humorously invisible). Any text referencing Link's clothing will also be changed. Link also starts with the Deluxe Picto Box and all the Figurines he had in the first quest. All spoken Hylian text will be translated as well. Also, the location of sunken treasure from Treasure Charts will be different, usually further away from the island than they were in the first quest.[verification needed]

Other Appearances[]

Zelda (Game & Watch)[]

In Zelda (Game & Watch), after the ending scene in which Princess Zelda is rescued, if Link presses the attack button, the second round will start. The second round has quicker enemies and Link's score from the previous game is carried over.[3]


  • The Second Quest from The Legend of Zelda was created after Takashi Tezuka arranged the Dungeons in the First Quest in a way that only half of the memory available was used.[7]
  • During the development of Skyward Sword, Zelda's adventure after landing on The Surface was originally planned to be included as a playable Second Quest. Although the idea was scrapped, this setting was used during the game's credits.[8]


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  1. The Second Quest was referred to as the Second-Time-Around in Nintendo Fun Club News.[4] However, as this contradicts the name given in Encyclopedia, it is not considered Canon.


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