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The Season Spirits are four fairy-like beings acting as the source of Seasons and perhaps even the oracle Din's power.[1] Each corner of the Temple of Seasons has a tower with one of the four spirits inside.

Season Spirit

After Link travels to Subrosia to find the submerged Temple of Seasons, the spirits grant him the Rod of Seasons, which can be used to change the current season to any other season he has power over. Each newly-met spirit offers Link power over their season, explain what uses their respective season has, then beseech him to rescue Din. Link cannot reach all four spirits immediately, as different towers of the temple require individual tools from various dungeons to gain access.


  Names in Other Regions  
Language Name
  SpanishLA Espíritus de las Estaciones  


  1. "As you know, if I imprison the Oracle of Seasons and bury the temple that houses the Season Spirits, the seasons of Holodrum will be cast into chaos, the bountiful gifts of nature will rot, and all living this will perish!!! That is the world of darkness that I long for!" — Onox (Oracle of Seasons)