The Seashell Mansion is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. This small house is located in the Ukuku Prairie area, near Animal Village and Martha's Bay. Interestingly, directly outside the mansion are two Talking Timbers who provide Link with information about bombs and Weak Walls; the only area of the game in which such trees appear.

The mansion is inhabited by a spirit who seeks to remove the darkness from the mansion, something that can only be accomplished by collecting Secret Seashells. When Link returns to the mansion with Seashells that number a multiple of five, the spirit provides Link with another Seashell. When Link has gathered twenty or more Secret Seashells, the darkness placed on the mansion is lifted and the Spirit of the Mansion presents Link with the Ultimate Sword, a more powerful sword that can fire Sword Beams when he is at full health, and break objects that the regular sword cannot, such as pots and signs.

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