"Help me... Please, take me back to the waters near Pinnacle Rock..."
— Seahorse

The Seahorse, also referred to as a Gold-Colored Fish, is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. It is a rare creature that was caught by the Fisherman, intending to sell it at the Carnival of Time. Its assistance is needed in order to retrieve the Zora Eggs at Pinnacle Rock.


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Link can obtain the Seahorse from the Fisherman living in a hut on Great Bay Coast. After Link gives the man a picture of one of the Gerudo Pirates, he will give Link the Seahorse. The Seahorse asks Link to take return it to its home at Pinnacle Rock. Link stores the Seahorse inside a bottle until it can be released into the ocean.

After the Seahorse is released in between the two rocks off the coast of Great Bay, it leads Link through the murky water to Pinnacle Rock, and requests that he save its friend from the Sea Snakes who lurk within. There, Link finds three of Lulu's Zora Eggs hidden among the Sea Snakes in the underwater caverns. To defeat the Sea Snakes, Link must wear the Zora Mask and hit them with either his bio-electric shield or Zora boomerangs. After Link defeats all the Sea Snakes, the Seahorse is reunited with its mate, and gives Link a Piece of Heart in gratitude.

It is technically possible to reach Pinnacle Rock without the help of the Seahorse, either through advanced knowledge of the route through the murky water, or through sufficient trial and error. If the Seahorse in Pinnacle Rock is freed first, it will thank Link and request that he also save its friend who was caught by the Fisherman. Link must still reunite the two in order to receive the Piece of Heart.

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