"These tremendous flying fish can be found only on the Great Sea. They tend to ram ships to knock their prey into the sea, so it is best to attack them from a distance."

Seahats are enemies from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. A seafaring variety of Peahats, they hover off the coast of several islands throughout the Great Sea. They tend to congregate in packs and will attack anything that enters their territory. Seahats attack by ramming into ships, so as to knock their prey into the Great Sea, leaving them defenseless.

When a Seahat attacks, it first dives into the water, submerging most of its body from the nose down. Seahats, however, do not normally have the element of surprise, as they create a loud motor-like noise as they attack.

The best way to combat Seahats is by attacking them from a distance. Throwing the Boomerang at them cuts off their wings, forcing them to pursue their prey by swimming through water until their wings return. A second throw before the wings regrow instantly defeats them. The Hero's Bow is one of the more effective methods, as only a single arrow is needed to defeat a Seahat; the same can be said for the cannon.

Strangely, Seahats appear to have a fear of seagulls; if Link controls a seagull and flies it toward a Seahat, the Seahat flies away from the seagull.

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