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Seacoast Plain
Zelda at Seacoast Plain's port
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Beach Merchant
Foreign Woman
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Seacoast Plain is a location in Zelda's Adventure. It is a large coast to the southeast of Tolemac. It is home to a small harbor called South Port in the coast's south.

Features and Overview

Seacoast Plain is a vast coastal region of Tolemac, located in the far southeast of the land. It can be accessed by multiple routes; either by taking the mountain road through the Great Dry Canyon, by taking a cave shortcut from the Plain of Andor, or alternately by taking a longer detour through the Vendoss swamp or south from the South Gubasha Desert. The Plain is a rocky seashore that stretches from the south and to the east, and where the mainland meets the sea of Tolemac. The eastern shore is merged with the dense, wooded marshland of the Vendoss swamp, where entry to the swamp's village can be found. It is on this side of the coast that a merchant can be found selling a Candle for 100 Rupees and a Life Potion for 200 Rupees. A shipwreck can also be found nearby left over from a storm, where the merchant had found the items he sells.[1] West of the Great Dry Canyon entrance is a seaside house, where a man and a woman live. The latter seems to speak in an indiscernible language.

Along the shore is a cave entrance to a flooded cavern, containing a Crystal Heart on a ledge. A Switch must be hit to make a wooden bridge appear to the Crystal Heart, but it is at an angle and requires a Spell that fires projectiles diagonally to hit.

South Port

To the far south of the coast is a small harbor town called South Port.[2] The town is home to many busy seafarers. A sailor in the town lodge claims that they have been to sea for so long, their "brains are scrambled."[3] Zelda can take a Raft here to sail to the Sea Island in the east, at the cost of 20 Rupees. However, because the offshore wind has died down, she must also provide her own with the Vial of Winds.[4] While sailing to the island, Zelda encounters a Sea Monster and must defeat it to proceed.




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