"You got a Sea Flower! The scent of the sea wafts from the delicate petals of this flower from an exotic, far-off land."
— In-game description

The Sea Flower is a quest item from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. As part of the quest for the Shop Guru Statue, Link must trade the Town Flower for the Sea Flower. The Sea Flower can be obtained from the Traveling Merchants on Bomb Island and the Mother & Child Isles, and it can in turn be traded for the Exotic Flower. Once Link acquires the Sea Flower from the Traveling Merchant, it can be purchased from Zunari on Windfall Island.


The Sea Flower is a green stemmed flower with two heads and blue petals. The stem of this plant has a red patch and is rooted in sand, indicating that this plant grows in sand.

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