"Hee har ha! If you're not a pigment of my imagination, you must be a customer! Here we go! For 20 Rupees total, I'll dye your clothes here to the color of your choosing! Or would you like to get back to square one and change your clothes back to their original color?"
— Sayge

Sayge is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. He is a Hylian and the current proprietor of the Kochi Dye Shop at Hateno Village.


Sayge is the eccentric proprietor of the Kochi Dye Shop who often peppers his speech with color and dye based puns. He is the husband of Senna who works as a greeter at the Kochi Dye Shop. If Link talks to Sayge when it is raining, Sayge will tell him the story of how he romantically proposed to Senna on a rainy day.

Sayge is happy to tell Link about his shop and its history as he is proud of its tradition of dying clothing. Though he explains that due collecting ingredients being too dangerous the shop no longer makes its own dyes and at some point began a practice of having customers bring there own dye ingredients in exchange for only charging a minor service fee of 20 Rupees. If a piece of armor cannot be dyed, Sayge claims that the fabric it is made out of prevents it from being dyed. His shop can also remove dye from Link clothes to restore them to their original color.


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