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For the town in The Adventure of Link, see Saria Town.

Saria is a Kokiri and a major character in Ocarina of Time.[4]


Saria is Link's childhood friend from his earliest years in the Kokiri Forest. She is well-liked amongst other Kokiri, particularly by their boss, Mido, whose dislike of Link might be partially explained by the latter's close friendship with Saria.[5] She often travels to the Sacred Forest Meadow to play her Ocarina.[6] She plays a song that inspires people to dance called "Saria's Song." When Link becomes the Hero of Time, he rescues Saria from the Forest Temple and allows her to awaken as the Forest Sage.

Mainline appearances[]

Ocarina of Time[]

Saria is the first of the Kokiri to greet Link after he receives Navi, his own Fairy. She congratulates him for finally finding a Fairy, initially believing him to finally becoming a real Kokiri and is surprised to hear that the Great Deku Tree has summoned Link, as it is a great honor to speak with him.[7] After learning his destiny from the Great Deku Tree and the guardian himself dies, Saria meets Link at the exit of the forest to say an emotional goodbye, aware that he is in fact not a Kokiri, but a Hylian. She gives him the Fairy Ocarina and asks him to come back and visit her.[8][9]

Once Link has met with Princess Zelda, he can find Saria in the Sacred Forest Meadow playing her own theme song, Saria's Song (which is always heard in Lost Woods), where she will teach the young hero the music she has composed. This song allows Link to telepathically speak with her at any time and is also used to brighten Darunia's angry mood, thus allowing him to grant Link access to Dodongo's Cavern.

During Link's seven-year absence, Mido kept spreading the rumor that Link was responsible for the death of the Great Deku Tree, despite he's in fact innocent, causing the tribe to dislike the hero even more. Of all the Kokiri, Saria was the only one who stood up for Link.[10] When Link awakens as the Hero of Time, the Forest Temple in the Lost Woods becomes his first destination after an emergency call from Saria.[11] On the way, he comes through Kokiri Forest where he sees the Kokiri had never grown up (and did not recognize him with his adult body), and inform him that both Saria and Mido left for the Lost Woods.[12][13] Following them, Link first encounters Mido, who refuses to let him pass.[14] However, after playing "Saria's Song," Mido understands that Link has to be one of Saria's best friends and as such can be trusted and let through.[15] Link continues to the Sacred Forest Meadow and discovers that Saria's "secret place" (where she is not present) houses the entrance to the Forest Temple. Link then goes in and manages to defeat the temple's evil spirit, Phantom Ganon. By doing this, he allows Saria to awaken as the new Forest Sage. Saria is happy to see him again in person, then says goodbye once again, knowing that the carefree days of old are over,[16] and gives Link her power through the Forest Medallion.[17] Despite this, she can still be talked to through Saria's Song.

Later, when Link talks to Mido again, the latter asks him if he would help him keep a promise to Saria: to tell Link that Saria had been waiting for him.[18] When Link defeats Ganon, Saria and the other five Sages bundle their powers to seal him away. During the ending, she can be seen overlooking a celebrating Hyrule on Death Mountain with the other Sages, seated atop Darunia's head.

In other media[]

Ocarina of Time (Himekawa)[]

Crossover appearances[]

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS[]

Saria appears as a Trophy in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS.

Trophy Information[]

# Trophy Appears in Description How to unlock
3DS Logo WiiU
220 SSBfN3DS Saria Trophy Model N/A Ocarina of Time

Ocarina of Time 3D
A Kokiri girl and lifelong friend to Link, she gives him the Fairy Ocarina when he sets out on his quest. She also teaches him a song to remember her by. Long after he has gone, her song continues to echo throughout Kokiri Forest as Saria thinks of her friend. Random

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[]

Saria — Spirit Battle Information

SSBU Saria Spirit Icon
SSBU Support Spirit Icon Support Spirit
No. 192
Team Power SSBU Shield Type Icon Shield | 9900 Rank ★★★ ACE Fighter(s)
Stage Garden of Hope Theme "Saria's Theme" SSBU Isabelle Stock Icon 6 Isabelle
SSBU Young Link Stock Icon 2 Young Link
Rule(s) Hazard(s) Fog
 · The stage is covered in fog
 · The enemy will charge up a powerful Final Smash

Saria — Spirit Information

SSBU Saria Spirit Icon

No. 192
Rank ★★★ ACE Cost
Easier Perfect Shield
Widens the window for performing a perfect shield.


  • Saria is the first character in Ocarina of Time to be seen when Link leaves his house to begin his adventure.
  • In The Wind Waker, one of the stained glass windows in Hyrule Castle's basement depicts Saria along with the other Sages from Ocarina of Time .
    • Also in The Wind Waker, a carving seen behind Carlov in the Nintendo Gallery bears a strong resemblance to Saria.
  • In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a lake in the Korok Forest is named Lake Saria, likely as a reference to this character.
  • Due to her close relationship with the Hero of Time, Saria is often believed by fans to be in a love triangle with three other female characters in Ocarina of Time who are also fond of Link, two of which are also Sages: Princess Ruto, Malon, and Princess Zelda.


Saria's name, like several other characters from Ocarina of Time, is taken from a town in The Adventure of Link. Given her connection with music and that fellow Kokiri Mido and Fado have musically-oriented names, Saria may come from the word "aria", a type of song.

TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in other regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
JapanJapaneseサリア (Saria) (OoT)[19]
FranceFrenchEUSaria (OoT)[20]
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