"The sand inside the Phantom Hourglass is called the Sand of Hours.... It gives deep strength to whoever holds its power. From now on, you must defeat monsters and collect their Sand of Hours. For the more sand you place in the hourglass, the longer its power will last."

Sand of Hours is an item from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. This mystical sand is a key component of the Phantom Hourglass: The more Sand of Hours Link obtains, the more time he has at his disposal when exploring the Temple of the Ocean King before the sand in the Phantom Hourglass runs out. By obtaining all the available sand, the hourglass has a maximum 25 minutes worth before it runs out.

When the sand runs out, Link will take damage if he is not inside a Safe Zone. In order to refill the Phantom Hourglass when it has run out, Link must find items that replenish Sand of Hours found inside the temple, or exit the temple outright. The Phantom Hourglass's supply of Sand of Hours can be increased by defeating a boss, or by salvaging Treasure Chests containing the sand from the bottom of the ocean using the Salvage Arm.

Interestingly, Oshus notes that the Sand of Hours is a physical form of life force, as well as being made of ground-up Force Gems.

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