"Go to the final temple, the Sand Temple. The Bow of Light is located deep inside. It will be the most difficult place you've visited yet. It was built only to protect the Bow of Light, so it's full of the trickiest of traps and surprises. The temple will test all of your abilities."
Sand Temple Sprite

The Sand Temple, also known as the Desert Temple, is the fifth dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. Located within the Sand Realm, it is desert themed. The Sand Temple is said to have been built to protect the Bow of Light.


Link and Princess Zelda travel to the Sand Temple to retrieve the Bow of Light, the only thing capable of banishing Malladus from Zelda's body. It is stated by Anjean to be their hardest challenge and that it will test all of their skills. To reach the Sand Temple, they have to brave three trials. The first trial is defeating a Rocktite. The second trial is traversing the Twisted Tunnels. The final trial is gaining access to the impenetrable temple, where Link must use the Cannon and destroy all the turrets. After Link and Princess Zelda pass the three trials, they can enter the Sand Temple.


Most puzzles in this temple utilize the Sand Wand's unique ability to raise solid blocks of sand. Also, the Bow is used on some puzzles involving Eye Switches. This temple is said by Anjean to be Link's most difficult challenge yet. The puzzles in the dungeon are supposedly harder than the ones in previous dungeons. These puzzles include moving boulders, classic block moving puzzles with the Sand Wand, and fighting tougher enemies. Unlike the previous dungeons, the Sand Temple is known to be nonlinear, whereas it is optional in which rooms or puzzles are solved first.




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