Sand Sanctuary Sprite

The Sand Sanctuary, also known as the Dune Sanctuary, is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. It is the most barren and deserted of the several sanctuaries in the game. Here, Link meets the Lokomo sage, Rael, after first solving the riddle of the big statues hidden in the desert (the trail is the same to the railing in the overworld).

Rael later requests Link to bring him Cuccos to conduct experiments on them. After Link successfully brings him five Cuccos from the Cucco Salesman in Castle Town, Rael presents Link with a Force Gem. Link can also bring Rael more Cuccos, resulting in Rael rewarding him with a treasure. Once the Cuccos have been delivered, they can be found scattered throughout the area and are used to access the Stamp Station.

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