"Vasaaq! If you are hoping to cross the vast Gerudo Desert, a sand seal is a must! It’d be sealy not to have one! It's only 20 rupees to rent one! Need a shield, too? Just pay 50 rupees! What do you say?"

The Sand-Seal Rental Shop is a shop from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is located at Gerudo Town in the Gerudo Desert region of Hyrule. The shop allows Link to rent tame Sand Seals for 20 Rupees to aid him in crossing the desert. It has two separate booths, the southeast booth and the northwest booth. Both booths are distinguishable by a large, stone statue of a sand seal above blue sign which reads "Rental" in Gerudo typography. They also each have an information desk, which is never occupied as both Frelly and Kohm prefer to stand out front.

The southeast booth is run by Frelly, at the gate, and Essa, who tends to the sand seals. The booth has a large wooden paddock containing three sand seals named Sue, Nah, and Zarashi according to Pearle who often visits them. Unlike the smaller Northwest Booth, it sells shields to surf on for 50 Rupees. The northwest booth is run by Khom and contains a small pen with a red canopy within and just one sand seal. All the sand seals have been trained by Frelly, and as a result not only wait for Link once he dismounts, but are also faster than their wild counterparts making them ideal for competing in the Sand-Seal Rally.

However as both rental shops are in Gerudo Town men like Link must disguise themselves as women to rent Sand Seal. As a result most of their customer base is female as with most businesses in Gerudo Town. However they will rent Sand Seal to foreign "vai" though this is implied to be a rare occurance given how few foreign "vai" actually make it to Gerudo Town.

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