The Sanctuary is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Located in Kakariko Village, it is home to the shaman Renado and his daughter, Luda.


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When Link first visits Kakariko Village, the town, along with the rest of the Eldin Province, is covered in Twilight. During his quest to defeat the Shadow Insects and lift the Twilight, Wolf Link enters the Sanctuary via the roof. Once inside, he discovers that Renado has been taking care of the kidnapped children of Ordon Village, who had escaped from their Bulblin captors. Once Link lifts the Twilight, he is formally introduced to Renado, and the Sanctuary plays an important role from that point onward. Later on, Ilia is in the sanctuary with Renado, trying to regain her memory. After doing various things Link gives the Horse Call to Ilia and she remembers everything. She then gives Link the Horse Call.

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Points of interest


The Sanctuary has a basement where an Owl Statue can be found. After defeating Armogohma in the Temple of Time, Link finds Shad here. Once the Dominion Rod is restored and the Ancient Sky Book is complete, Shad helps Link move the Owl Statue. Behind the statue is a large room with paintings of Oocca covering the walls. Also, a large cannon is found within. If Link warps the cannon to Lake Hylia, he can show it to Fyer, who will repair it for 300 Rupees. Once the cannon has been fixed, Link can use it to transport himself, Ooccoo and Ooccoo Jr. to the City in the Sky. Interestingly, the building itself greatly resembles Oocca architecture.

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