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Salmon Meunière
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Restoring Hearts

Salmon Meunières are Items in Breath of the Wild.[1]

Location and Uses

Salmon Meunières are meals that can be made by Cooking a Hearty Salmon with Tabantha Wheat and Goat Butter. Regular Salmon Muenières can only be made by adding another ingredient with an effect other than hearty. Eating them will heal several Hearts in Link's Life Gauge. The crispy skin of Hearty Salmons puts the texture of this dish into a class of its own.[1]

After calming Divine Beast Vah Medoh, Link can find Kheel on her own at the Warbler's Nest. She'll ask him to retrieve her sisters for their rehearsal, but Genli may be difficult since she wants Salmon Meunière.[2] When Link speaks to Genli, she explains that she can't sing until she gets some Salmon Meunière.[3] The rest of their sisters left to retrieve the ingredients, but Genli wonders what's taking them so long.[4][5]

Link can locate and help the sisters put together Salmon Muenière. Cree is found in The Slippery Falcon, where she'll give Link the Goat Butter she bought.[6] Kotts is found at one of the ponds leading into Rito Village, fishing for Hearty Salmon.[7] When reminded of her rehearsal, she gives Link the Hearty Salmon she caught.[8] Finally, Notts is found on one of the ridges above Rito Village, and she'll explain that she finished gathering her ingredients early and so began practicing.[9] She gives Link her Tabantha Wheat.[10]

Returning to Genli, Link can make Salmon Meunière for her. If he gives it to her, she'll eat the whole thing and decide to keep her promise to her sisters and attend the rehearsal.[11] Genli thanks Link for the Salmon Meunière and asks him to attend their rehearsal.[12]

Only one variation of Salmon Meunière can be made:

  • Hearty Salmon Meunière:[13] Made by using the default recipe. When eaten, they'll heal all of Link's Hearts and grant him temporary Hearts.[13]


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