"Welcome to Sale's House O' Bananas! I'm Sale, this is my house! Actually, my hobby is collecting rare and unusual canned food."
— Sale

Sale is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. An alligator merchant, Sale sells fresh Bananas picked straight from the trees of Toronbo Shores. He runs the banana export business at Sale's House O' Bananas, located right next to the abundant strain of banana trees in the area. Outside of his regular merchant job, he is a collector of canned goods.

Link can give him a can of Dog Food in exchange for a bunch of bananas. Despite his claim to be a collector, he swallows the can whole the very instant it becomes his property.

The alligator painter from the Animal Village, Schule Donavitch, is Sale's brother.


Sale's name comes from the word "sale", as in to sell, referring to Sale being a merchant.

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