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Teba (husband)[1]
Tulin (son)[2]

Saki is a character in Breath of the Wild.[3]


Saki is a resident of Rito Village, the wife of Teba,[1] and the mother of Tulin.[2] She is first found in her home staring out a window. She hesitantly asks Link if she can help him but tells him to forget it when he asks what is wrong.[4] When asked again Saki says it is not a good time.[5] Saki is more open with Link after hearing his conversation with the elder.[6] There is not much she can do to help the hero in his fight with Teba against Divine Beast Vah Medoh beyond telling him where her husband went.[7] Her husband had headed to the Flight Range in Dronoc's Pass at the base of the Hebra Mountains, likely to gather weapons for another run at Vah Medoh.[8] She directs Link to Revali's Landing, where can take off for a straight shot to the Flight Range.[9] Saki continues by explaining that it is a memorial named after the Rito Champion Revali so that none may forget the events of that horrible day.[10] This initiates the Memory Revali's Flap. Saki expresses concern for Link, calling him "Descendant" once the memory has ended.[11] Fearing she has said too much, Saki apologizes and says that if there is anything he does not understand do not hesitate to ask.[12]

If Link returns to Saki after meeting Teba, she is relieved and happy to hear he is still alive.[13] As thanks, Saki gives Link ten Bomb Arrows.[14][15] Her husband had left the arrows for Saki to use but she does not want them in the house where Tulin might play with them.[2]

After the Divine Beast Vah Medoh has been appeased, Saki is reunited with Teba in their home. Thanks to his wife, Teba has recovered from the injuries he sustained to the point where he can stand.[16] Saki told Teba that Link is a descendant of the Champion, with Teba believing this to be true despite Link's words.[17] Teba had told Saki everything about the Flight Range and the fight with Vah Medoh and that the Divine Beast being perched above the Village means that everything is back to normal.[18] Saki cannot begin to express her gratitude at having her husband home safe and sound.[19] Saki will leave her home after Teba brings Tulin to the Flight Range.[20] Now that they are at peace again, she would rather they stopped doing such dangerous training but Teba insists.[21] He keeps saying it is to help Tulin come of age as a warrior, but Saki thinks otherwise since he is still a fledgling.[22]


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