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Sahasrahla's House is home to the elder Sahasrahla in A Link to the Past and A Link Between Worlds.


A Link to the Past

In A Link to the Past, Sahasrahla's House appears in Kakariko Village, right beside the abandoned hideout of Blind the Thief. Link visits this house on his search for Sahasrahla, but instead finds an Old Woman staying there. She tells him that the elder is not around, and has not been seen since Agahnim began capturing the Maidens, but offers to tell Link the legend of the Hylia and the Master Sword.

A Link Between Worlds

In A Link Between Worlds, Sahasrahla's House appears in Kakariko Village. Link visits this House at Zelda's request following his first encounter with Yuga. When Link enters the House, he finds Sahasrahla dozing in the corner. He is awoken by Link's entrance and speaks to him. Link explains that Seres has been turned into a Painting, which Sahasrahla then proceeds to tell him the story of the Hero who saved Hyrule. Sahasrahla proposes that Yuga is attempting to resurrect Ganon by kidnapping the descendants of the Seven Sages. Sahasrahla then asks Link to find his pupil Osfala at the Eastern Palace and warn him of Yuga's plan.

Other Appearances

A Link to the Past (Ishinomori)

In the A Link to the Past comic, Link's visit to Sahasrahla's House is very similar to what happens in the game. While searching for Sahasrahla by the advice of the Loyal Sage, he instead finds Sahasrahla's Wife in his house and learns from her about his depart from the town.[1] She also tells him the legend of the sacred blade, of its creation, and its location.[2] When Link leaves the house, a minion of Agahnim in disguise as a villager alerts Link's presence to the Soldiers. He however manages to escape them, and stumbles upon Sahasrahla's Grandson who is taking care of Sahasrahla's wife at his request. The two stay at Sahasrahla's House while Link journeys through Hyrule.

Link shortly returns to the house before heading to the Desert of Mystery, however Sahasrahla's wife warns him that crossing the desert is a dangerous task. This reminds the caregiver of a bird that Sahasrahla once showed him, which actually turns out to be a glider. Link uses this glider the cross the desert.



  1. "Well, young man, when the maidens began to disappear, the rumors began to fly. When Sahasrahla heard that the wizard might be responsible, he said, 'so it has begun...' and disappeared himself! [...] I'm sorry, but you know wise men like him... They often wander off without notice, in search of enlightenment. If you ask in the village, someone may know where he is... If I may ask, why are you looking for him?"  (A Link to the Past comic (Nintendo Power) pg. 5)
  2. "Master Sword?! I've heard of that legend... The ancient scrolls tell of a prosperous people who once inhabited this land... They created many powerful weapons and hid them throughout Hyrule. The Master Sword was their ultimate treasure... Its blade was specially tempered to resist evil power, or so I've heard... Now, it is sleeping deep in the forest known as the Lost Woods!"  (A Link to the Past comic (Nintendo Power) pg. 6)