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The Sahasra Slope Skyview Tower is location in Tears of the Kingdom.

Features and Overview[]

The Sahasra Slope Skyview Tower is a Skyview Tower located in Sahasra Slope. It is positioned on top of a hill, overlooking above Nabi Lake.

When Link first approaches the Skyview Tower, he finds Billson at the door. Upon talking to him, he says that he needs to repair the Skyview Tower but the door won't budge open.[1] He then rambled on going mushroom picking, to which he pointed out to a cave being below the tower.[2] True to Billson's word, Link is unable to open the doors.

To open the door to the tower, Link will have to follow Billson's cave tip; finding an entrance around the ridges leading to the Sahasra Slope Cave. There will be a distinguishable flathead surface in the ceiling that can be ascended into, which will take Link directly inside the tower. Even when inside, when Link tries to open the door, it still won't budge open; Billson will then see Link, much to his surprise.[citation needed] Seeing that Link's already inside, he suggests him to find out why the doors are shut tight.[citation needed] Looking around, there are two Long Stick apparently jamming the doors closed. Once they're removed, Link is able to open the door for Billson.

After Billson gains entry, he manages to fix the terminal,[3] allowing the tower to be used. Once Link uses the tower to scan the surroundings, he gains map information for North Necluda in both the surface and the sky. The tower can also be used to reach the North Necluda Sky Archipelago.


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  2. "Yep. There are caves at the bottom of the hill." — Billson (Tears of the Kingdom)
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