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Sage Stone from Earth Temple
Sage Stone from Wind Temple

Sage Stones are objects featured in The Wind Waker. They appear in the Earth Temple and Wind Temple dungeons but are also found in each dungeon's entrance, Headstone Island and Gale Isle, respectively.[1][2]


They are large slabs of rock that block doorways which only be destroyed when Link plays the Wind Waker with the corresponding Sage. The Sage Stones have on them the requirements to destroy them: the melody that must be played and the instrument needed. Resting atop all is the Triforce symbol.

The Earth Sage Stone teaches the Link the "Earth God's Lyric": the melody he must play in front of Medli to awaken her as the Sage of Earth.[3] Once she has awakened, Link must take her back to Headstone Island to play the "Earth God's Lyric" together and thus destroy the Sage Stone.[3] As the pair ventures through the Earth Temple, they will encounter two more of these stones, which must be destroyed using the same process as done in the entrance of the dungeon. Likewise, in Gale Isle, the Wind Sage Stone teaches the young hero the "Wind God's Aria" that he must play to Makar in order to awaken him as the Sage of Wind. Only with the sound of Makar's violin will the Wind Sage Stones shatter.[1]