"The area you are in now is a safe zone, one that is protected by the spirits. As long as you are in a safe zone, you are hidden from enemy view."

Safe Zones are recurring features in the Legend of Zelda series. These purple and yellow flashing sections of floor hide Link from Phantoms and Phantom Eyes. However, these locations do not protect him from standard enemies, and Link is free to attack enemies while standing on a Safe Zone.


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The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

Safe Zones can be found exclusively in Mercay Island's Temple of the Ocean King and on the Ghost Ship. They are usually limited to small squares; however, larger, differently shaped Safe Zones can be found throughout the temple. Small makeshift Safe Zones can be made nearly anywhere by breaking red jars found in the temple. While in a Safe Zone, Link can neither be seen nor attacked by Phantoms or Phantom Eyes. The curse on the temple will not affect Link if he is in a safe zone, and thus, sand will not be drained from the Phantom Hourglass.

Quite interestingly, when a red pot has been broken and a Safe Zone has been made, Link turns into a white figure, and only his eyes, sword, and shield (if he has one) are as they were. However, when Link stands on a regular, already provided safe zone, he gains a purplish border of light around his body instead. He may turn white just to notify the player that he is indeed on the safe zone, as it is a much smaller area, and thus harder to identify when Link is concealed from Phantoms' view. Red pot safe zones also drag Link towards them when he stands close enough to one. In a Safe Zone made from breaking a red pot, Link also becomes incorporeal and Phantoms can pass through him without noticing him. There is a false floor disguised as a Safe Zone on level B8 of the Temple of the Ocean King.

Safe Zones also appear in Battle Mode. Like in the main adventure they prevent Link from being attacked by Phantoms and make him invisible on his opponent's map. Each player also has a Base Safe Zone which is where they must bring Force Gems in order to obtain points.

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

Safe Zones are found in the Tower of Spirits and Lost at Sea Station. Though physically identical to the ones found in Phantom Hourglass, Safe Zones in Spirit Tracks serve only the singular purpose of protecting against Phantoms. When Princess Zelda is in possession of a Phantom, she can move into the Safe Zones; however, this has no effect since Phantoms do not attack her.

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