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"We are guardians of this land... Guide us to where we once stood. Only then can you enter the true Sacred Grove..."
— The Sacred Grove Guardians

The Sacred Grove Guardians are characters from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. They are large statues capable of speech and movement that guard the entrance to the ruined Temple of Time, where the Master Sword is hidden. They will not allow Wolf Link to pass until he solves a difficult puzzle.

The Guardians, upon meeting Link, will transform the section of the Sacred Grove in which they stand into a strange sort of game board. They will leap to different squares on the board, and instruct Link to guide them back to their original places. Their movement is dependent on Link's movement: one will move in the same direction Link does, and the other will move in the exact opposite way.

When the puzzle becomes too confusing, they can be asked to return to the starting point, thereby restarting the puzzle. If one is in a position where a movement would cause it to fall off a ledge or land on the square occupied by the other one, it will refuse to move. If they both attempt to jump onto one square, they will collide in midair and land back where they started. If one jumps onto the square occupied by Link, it will crush him and the puzzle must be restarted.

Once the puzzle is solved, the statues open the door leading to the Pedestal of Time, and will no longer move or speak to Link even if he is in his wolf form.


Bonus Video Sacred Grove Guardians (Twilight Princess)

Bonus Video Sacred Grove Guardians (Twilight Princess)

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