"After going through the Lost Woods, you will come upon the Sacred Forest Meadow. That is a sacred place where few people have ever walked."
Kaepora Gaebora

The Sacred Forest Meadow is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It is Saria's favorite place to be alone. It lies at the far end of the Lost Woods and can be accessed only by following the sound of "Saria's Song" that is playing throughout the Woods, or transporting there using the "Minuet of Forest".


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When Link reaches Goron City on Death Mountain, he finds that the Goron leader, Darunia, is in a bad mood and will not speak to Link. The only way to cure Darunia's depression is to play "Saria's Song" on the Fairy Ocarina for him. To do this, Link must travel through the Lost Woods, ultimately reaching the Sacred Forest Meadow. The Meadow's maze is guarded by a single Wolfos and an abundant amount of Mad Scrubs, but when Link successfully reaches the clearing, he meets up with Saria and learns her song.

When Link is an adult, he must once again travel to the Sacred Forest Meadow and use the Hookshot in order to enter the Forest Temple. The Forest Temple is located in the clearing where Link finds Saria as a child, but, on his return, the Mad Scrubs in the maze are gone and have been replaced with the much more formidable Moblins. In the past, Saria would sit under the broken stairway of the Forest Temple and play her Fairy Ocarina, communicating with the spirits of Kokiri Forest. She felt the Meadow would be important to both Link and herself one day; she was correct, as Link has to liberate the Forest Temple of Ganondorf's influence and awaken Saria as the Sage of Forest.

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If a Bomb is placed in the middle of the first clearing as a child, a Hidden Hole containing two Wolfos will appear. Upon their defeat, a Treasure Chest that contains a purple Rupee appears.

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