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The STAR Game is a Mini-Game in Twilight Princess that offers the reward of Quiver upgrades.[1]


The STAR Game is located in a circus tent in a back alleyway just off West Castle Town Road. It is also accessible through the lower left alleyway of South Castle Town Road. In order to play properly, at least one Clawshot is needed, as many of the light orbs that Link must collect are suspended in the air and cannot be reached by jumping.


The STAR Game comes in a total of three variations:

  • Clawshot Game: The default game that is given once Link arrives in Hyrule Castle Town for the first time. The objective of the game is to collect the scattered light orbs within the time limit provided. Although it is possible to win this round without the aid of the Clawshot, it is extremely difficult, as many of the orbs hang out of reach of a standard Link jump. After beating this round, Link's Quiver will be upgraded to the Big Quiver.
  • Double Clawshot Game: The subsequent game given to challengers after they complete the original Clawshot game. Of course, this version raises the difficulty level so much that the Double Clawshots are almost imperative for victory (it is possible, albeit very difficult to complete without a second Clawshot). Most if not all orbs are suspended in midair, and there are no ledges like in the first game to use as jumping posts. If all of the orbs are retrieved within a minute and 30 seconds, then a second Quiver upgrade will be given to Link as a reward: the Giant Quiver.
  • Time Trial Game: This game is offered only after completion of the Double Clawshot Game. This game maintains the original schematics of the Double Clawshot Game, but the time limit has been reset to Link's personal best time, as achieved in the Double Clawshot Game. If Link manages to best the STAR Game a third time, bragging rights will be awarded. After completion of the Double Clawshot Game, Link is able to come back to the circus tent any time he likes to challenge his personal record.

There is an effective strategy to win the STAR Game: when using the Clawshot or Double Clawshots to reach the light orbs, Link must try to collect as many light orbs in one pass as possible. At the beginning of the second challenge, it will be easy to see which way to go next, as the light orbs will be in a line across from Link, creating an easy path to follow. At the end of the second challenge, Link can Clawshot his way to the very center of the top of the cage, and lower himself down (or let go of the Clawshot) to collect the remaining light orbs.


  • The three spectators, Kili, Hannah, and Misha can be talked to outside of the tent (and while Link is playing the STAR Game). After Link beats the STAR Game the first time, they will greet him outside the tent when he leaves. Instead of talking, they scream in excitement and drop Hearts.[2][3][4] After this, they follow Link until he walks to another part of Castle Town.
  • By looking at their respective outfit and hair colors, it can be seen that Kili, Hannah, and Misha are analogous to the Golden Goddesses.


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