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The STAR Game is a mini-game from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. The game is hosted by Purlo in Hyrule Castle Town. Link can compete to win Quiver upgrades.

The object of the game is to obtain all the multi-colored balls of light found inside a cage within a time limit. Link must use the Clawshot to grapple the cage walls and various targets in order to collect the balls of light. In the first round, there are platforms on the walls of the cage, giving Link a place to stand on and fire the Clawshot. Once Link has completed the first round, Purlo challenges him to a tougher version of the game, which can be won only with the help of the Double Clawshots, as there are no platforms to stand on, and spikes cover the floor. There are also many more balls of light in the second round. Both games are easiest completed if Link utilizes a star pattern. After beating the game twice, Link can return to beat his previous record and win Rupees.

Kili, Hanna, and Misha can be found standing outside the tent where the game takes place, and when Link plays the game, they stand by the cage and cheer whenever he collects a string of orbs. Once Link wins one round of the game, they will squeal with exitement whenever he exits the tent or speaks to them, and drop hearts.

The banners outside of the game have Hylian text which translates to "Star Circus".


  • 1st completion - 60 arrow quiver
  • 2nd completion - 100 arrow quiver


Interestingly, "STAR" is really an acronym explaining the rules of the mini-game. Purlo will recite this acronym, which is shown below, before Link enters the cage:

So all you must endeavor to do is
Track down all the glowing orbs
And collect them all before time
Runs out!
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